Monday 30 November 2009

Why Religion Means Very Little To Me

For this post I am borrowing the following warning from one of J.J.'s blog posts.

"Warning! Explicit content. View videos at own risk. The blogger of this post is not responsible for any damage inflicted (emotionally or otherwise) to any individual who reads this post. Those who may find this post offensive upon partial viewing would be advised to leave IMMEDIATELY!"
I discovered the works of Dr Michael Newton almost two and a half years ago, after Jeannie's passing. I was looking to make sense of my life after Jeannie and looking for closure perhaps...I needed to reconcile myself to myself. Scouring the internet only trawled up too much data that made things more confusing so I decided to go "brick and mortar" and visited Kinokuniya Bookstore.

Of the hundreds of books at the Philosophy, Religion and New Age sections, I was somehow drawn to this one:

...and so began my own personal journey of discovery and reconciliation. Watch these videos if you choose to:

After reading Journey of Souls the obvious next step was to read Michael Newton's second book entitled, "Destiny of Souls":

Destiny of Souls by Dr Michael Newton

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Anonymous said...

After the passing of one of my close relatives, I became also more interested on this side of existence.
I found Dr. Newton's book (the 1st one) to be a very objective description of a reality that really makes sense. This knowledge founds its place into my personal belief system so I have now a more complete understanding of life.

Marius R.