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Poker: Deuce Trumps Royal Flush?

Read below, Martin Jalleh's response to the following by Raja Nazrin. It appears that it is Perakians who should be told the real story. 


Nazrin: Rulers must be told the real story

The Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Nazrin Shah, said today rulers should not be shielded from the truth and must be told the real story.

In addition, rulers should never be surrounded by people with personal interests who are willing to use them as tools.

"Rulers must have advisers who are sincere, sensitive to the people's needs and bold to state the truth," he said at 'Wacana Ilmu Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) on the theme 'The role of Malay rulers in nurturing unity' in Shah Alam.

judges conference 090408 raja nazrinRaja Nazrin said rulers should be willing to accept the fact, no matter how bitter, as justice could not be uphold without the truth.

"Rulers can't play a meaningful role if they are given a rosy picture. The false impression is unfair as they will be denied the right to conduct their responsibilities fairly."

Raja Nazrin expressed fears that shielding rulers from the truth would separate them from the people, making it difficult to address integrity, statehood, loyalty and unity.

"Exploiting sentiments is easy as the people easily fall for promises. The prescription can only heal if the syndrome is identified.

"It is unwise if the nation and people choose to reject reality, blurring the vision on the real reasons that affect unity."

Raja Nazrin said stiff political competition had exploited sensitive religious and racial issues and dissatisfactions of the people.

No one party is right all the time

"In all conflicts, no one party is right all the time and no one party is wrong all the time.

"The methods to achieve total victory by beating foes have cast aside good manners, customs, morals and religious elements."

He also feared that the rising political temperature would turn dreams of unity into a nightmare, adding that there should be a neutral, credible and acceptable institution to lower this.

It was important for rulers to not only be above political polemics but also have the trust and responsibility of ensuring peace and harmony.

"Rulers must use wisdom to calm situations, but they do not have a 'magic lamp' to keep unity, especially when the situation has become chaotic."

Raja Nazrin said the role of rulers was to give advice privately, so that this was not misinterpreted as directly interfering with the administration.

"The credibility of some national instruments require a recovery of perception and need improvements in line with the current world dynamics to restore confidence in the people."

Raja Nazrin said unity would not be achieved in an unstable and immature political climate post the 12th general election, with calls for reality checks and demands for change.

"Unity requires a willingness to sacrifice, accept defeat willingly and celebrate victory with humility," he added.

- Bernama


Of Raja Nazrin, Real Stories & Regal Rhetoric

Raja Petra has told us his “real story” to the above questions. It has something to do with your succession to the Perak throne and also to save the financial empire of one of members of your royal family. Is RPK’s story accurate? Will you tell us the “real story”?
By Martin Jalleh

Your Royal Highness (YRH),

Recently, during a talk themed: “The role of Malay rulers in nurturing unity” held in Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) in Shah Alam, YRH declared that “rulers should not be shielded from the truth and must be told the real story”.

May I, with due respect to YRH, tell you the truth that many of us (especially those who are sons and daughters of Perak) find it very hard to believe that you meant every word that you said during the talk. Some, in responding to the article highlighting your talk, have asked you to “walk the talk”!

Much as we would really like to consider what you had proclaimed as “rare wisdom” from a ruler and intellectual, very unfortunately, the tragic manner in which the Perak royal family handled the Perak Constitutional Crisis (PCC) reduces your speeches to mere “regal rhetoric”.

You were so very right when you said that “rulers should never be surrounded by people with personal interests who are willing to use them as tools”. If only the Perak royalty had displayed and determinedly demonstrated such astuteness during the PCC!

It was the public’s perception that His Royal Highness (HRH) Sultan Azlan Shah had allowed himself to be surrounded by the PM and his cohorts and to be used as a political tool. HRH also denied the ousted Perak MB Nizar Jamaluddin of an audience at a very crucial point.

By writing this open letter to you I run the risk of Umno or Perkasa members making police reports against me but I am confident enough that YRH will not allow these elements to make use of you, as they have so often and unashamedly done so, out of political expediency.

To confirm the hypocrisy of the Umno elite, you should consult your royal colleague and veteran Umno leader, Tengku Razaleigh, who during the height of the PCC strongly suggested that it is Umno who has harmed the Malay rulers more than anyone else!

In sharp contrast to your professed openness, Umno, through the Attorney-General’s (AG’s) Chambers has gone to extremes to do the opposite. Take for example the AG’s appeal against a High Court’s decision to acquit Karpal Singh of a charge of sedition against the Perak Sultan.

Unbelievably the DPP told the Court of Appeal that: “People have the legal right to take Sultans to court but to speak openly of it is seditious…as this would inflame the sentiments of laymen who did not have a good grasp of the law”!

Understandably, the AG and his Chambers are suspected of suffering from the inflammation of the brain, which in many respects is as bad as “yellow fever”.

Bitter & Brutal Truth

YRH, you stressed that: “Rulers should be willing to accept the fact, no matter how bitter, as justice could not be uphold without the truth”? Logically, you would need to be willing to accept the fact, no matter how bitter, that hardly anyone takes you seriously these days.

Public sentiments for HRH Sultan Azlan Shah are the same. Perakians had placed their hopes high on HRH – whom they had held in high regard. But he seemed to be swayed by Umno’s political subterfuge and scheming. Public perception of his impartiality plummeted thence after.

YRH so rightly pointed out that: "In all conflicts, no one party is right all the time and no one party is wrong all the time.” HRH Sultan Azlan Shah (a former Lord President though he was) was wrong in his personal discretion and his straying beyond his parameters of power during the PCC.

No one presented the brutal and bitter truth so honestly, clearly and professionally than respected retired judge N H Chan who bravely declared that HRH had “sidestepped” provisions of the Perak Constitution and made a “fatal error”.

YRH also very accurately pointed out in your talk that: "The credibility of some national instruments require recovery of perception and need improvement in line with current world dynamics to restore confidence in the people."

During and after the PCC, key democratic institutions were manipulated by the powers that be to contain, cripple and crush legitimate dissent. They degenerated to the point that the public no longer trusted them. This was especially true of the judiciary.

The judiciary sunk so low during the PPC, as to allow itself to be intimidated, its independence and impartiality interfered with, and its integrity reduced to ignominy. Today the reputation of the judiciary or whatever is left of it, has been sullied irreparably.

Very ironically on 31 Oct. 2007 I had in an Open Letter thanked HRH Sultan Azlan “for portraying the truth about the state of the country's judiciary and your accompanying clarion call for major reforms in the judiciary…”

I wrote: “Today, we have become a laughing stock. We are second to none when it comes to kangaroo courts and court jesters like the de facto Law Minister. The judgments of our courts are often quoted in political satire and online comic scripts.” Nothing has changed still then!

Just as the “credibility of some national instruments require recovery of perception and need improvement”, I am sure you will agree that the credibility of the royalty also requires recovering of perception and regaining public confidence!

Perhaps, YRH, this can only happen if the people are told the “real story”. Just as the rulers need to be given the true picture, the public also needs to hear the “real story” to make a wise and good decision in the next General Elections.

YRH, please tell us the “real story” on why was there such an undue and indecent haste by HRH to dismiss the leader of a popularly elected coalition? Why was there such an unholy haste to recognize and install and swear in a government against the expressed wishes of the people?

Raja Petra has told us his “real story” to the above questions. It has something to do with your succession to the Perak throne and also to save the financial empire of one of members of your royal family. Is RPK’s story accurate?

Will you tell us the “real story”?

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Who Creates Such Videos?

I wonder who is the creative brains behind videos like this one. There seems to be more and more out in cyberspace and some of them are really well put together. It cannot be from just one source and if it really is not then I cannot imagine the groundswell. Perhaps BN can come out with rebuttal videos which are virtually non-existent now and yet they are aware they lag behind in cyber war. Porn excluded, what would be in such videos? 

Dato' Dr. Ambiga Sreenevasan: Rule of law, rule by law

Barely a week after Najib went to London to see the Queen who was so elegantly dressed in yellow, and after he said British PM, David Cameron was briefed by him about the true intentions of Bersih, Dato' Ambiga becomes Dato' Dr Ambiga in Exeter, UK. What are our former colonial masters thinking?

Bernama, quoting Najib reported that: Cameron was also briefed that Bersih’s real aim was not to press for electoral reform as professed but rather to portray the Malaysian government in an autocratic light in order to wrest power from an elected entity.

The prime minister ended by saying that he had stressed the Malaysian government always upholds the principles of democracy and has never cheated in a general election because those held in Malaysia are free from fraudulent practices.

This is one of eight recipients of the US Secretary of State “International Women of Courage” Award in 2009. This is the woman whom Anwar WILL TELL to cancel the Bersih 2.0 rally on 9th July. This is the woman who has shown more gumption, courage and leadership than Najib and any PM wannabes today. Najib doesn't seem to have much luck with women does he? Imagine if Dr Ambiga is ISAed or EOed for being Bersih. 

The following was the acceptance speech delivered by Datuk Dr Ambiga Sreenevasan upon her conferment with the Honorary Doctorate Of Laws, University of Exeter. Read it and know:

Rule of law, rule by law
By Ambiga Sreenevasan
I urge you to use this arsenal of knowledge and your passion for justice to fight for those who are downtrodden.

You have already heard of the events of July 9th in Malaysia. Whilst it brought out the worst in some, it brought out the best in others and this is where our hope lies.
JULY 23 — Good Morning! Chancellor, vice chancellor and graduating students.

It is so good to be back!

I am deeply moved by the conferment of this honour upon me. That it comes from my alma mater is especially significant for me. That it comes at this time is almost providential, for it allows me and all lawyers to reflect on our roles in the societies we live in.

For this honour and this moment of reflection, I extend my grateful thanks to the Council and Senate of the University of Exeter.

Tired of injustice and oppression, people the world over are crying out for truth, goodness, justice and universal love and understanding.

The events in Malaysia over the past six weeks culminating in the rally for free and fair elections on the 9th of July, has taught me so much more than I could have ever learned in the last 30 years as a practising lawyer.

My team and I faced first-hand the full force of the unleashed power of the state, and I realised then the importance of the independence of the Institutions of government, particularly the judiciary, to check such abuses of power.

I also realised how real and present the absence of the Rule of Law can be.

In countries where the Rule of Law reigns strong and true one probably does not even talk about it. But in countries that veer towards Rule by Law, talking about getting back to the basics is crucial.

In many countries, Rule by Law is reflected in the existence of repressive laws that violate the fundamental rights of its citizens. One example of this is preventive detention laws that lock people away without affording them the basic right to a trial. There are many examples of such oppressive laws worldwide and they are not confined to underdeveloped or developing countries.

As lawyers, we are in a unique position. Our years of legal study and practice teach us to see and appreciate the fundamental role that the Rule of Law plays in guaranteeing that the state governs its citizens in a just and democratic manner.

Who better to remind those in power of their responsibilities to their citizens than lawyers trained in understanding the difference between “Rule of Law” and “Rule by Law”?

Our role as lawyers must therefore extend far beyond traditional legal practice.

Here, I make no reference to rules, guidelines, documents, or declarations. My only reference point is our conscience. Can we as lawyers, ever sit back and watch the erosion of fundamental liberties of the people around us and do nothing? Clearly, silence in these circumstances, is not an option.

When I graduated from this university about 30 years ago, things were of course very different. Today the Internet and social media has empowered people with a continual flow of unfiltered and up-to-date information. No longer can the manipulation and control of information be effectively used by those in power to suppress either thought or action.

You are in a world where you know instantly of injustices taking place in any part of it. In this global village drawn together by so many factors, we are one. We can reach out to each other using these new means of communication and we owe it to each other to stand together for what is right.

You may say, “But I studied law to be a solicitor or barrister and to earn money for a decent standard of living”. There is nothing wrong with that, I assure you. I run a commercial litigation practice in a partnership of four where we also do public interest litigation. The two can co-exist quite comfortably.

The point I make is this.

You are graduating from one of the best universities in the country if not on the planet! You are special. And you are now a proud member of an army of people that is equipped with all that is necessary to both practise law and to fight injustice.

I urge you to use this arsenal of knowledge and your passion for justice to fight for those who are downtrodden.

You have already heard of the events of July 9th in Malaysia. Whilst it brought out the worst in some, it brought out the best in others and this is where our hope lies.
There were some in government who opposed the methods used to shut us down. Even doctors left their comfort zones to speak up against injustices. And of course there were the lawyers and the independent media who stood on the side of truth and justice.
However, the real heroes of that day are our friend and supporter Allahyarham Baharuddin Ahmad who paid the ultimate price in fighting a noble cause, the six members of the Socialist Party of Malaysia who, as we speak, sit in solitary confinement under preventive detention laws and finally the brave people of Malaysia who overcame their fear of intimidation and harassment to uphold their fundamental rights.
With all my heart I dedicate this honour you have bestowed upon me to them.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Where Was Anwar?

We have too often been told Anwar Ibrahim is the glue that holds Pakatan Rakyat together and that PAS and DAP ideologues make concomitance between the two in a coalition like oil and water. The official stand and indeed spirit of both sides is one of resolute commitment to work together for the sake of all.  

Admittedly, there have been recurring conflicts between PAS and DAP even post March 2008, and the apprehension that this alliance is in reality fragile at best, is very real. The latest albeit resolved Ramadan period banning of entertainment outlets in Kedah adds to the lengthening list. Ironically, conflicts like these are a necessary undesirability in plural Malaysian society. We need to face and overcome such "growing pains" as a maturing society in a developing nation.     divisive conflicts before we  

as the nation struggles to achieve that elusive sustainable and equitable social model even after more than half a century of independence.  The Malaysia of today is not what our founding fathers envisaged. Failure to succeed is not an option  

Although, the affirmative New Economic Policy had high ideals, much blame can be attributed to the failed implementation of the well-meaning      The scenario should be considered a norm rather than to expect a utopia free from antipathy.    

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Today: Malaysia vs Liverpool FC

UPDATE: Malaysia 3 Liverpool FC 6 on a level playing field. I think everyone is happy with this result. It is good to know Malaysia can score three albeit against leaky Liverpool and that Liverpool can score 6 without Suarez albeit against Malaysia. 

Malaysia has obviously improved and we now wait to measure against our ASEAN neighbors. I believe we are now on par with or even better than the likes of Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Singapore. The team seems to have found new confidence. Time for the whole nation to get behind our national team again. Hopefully, we will get to see our team play in the usual royal yellow and black stripes jersey again soon. 



It's "Negara Ku" 

and "You Will Never Walk Alone"

...sounds like Bersih to me!

Yellow. Unggun Bersih - A. Samad Said

The winds of change fanning the bonfires of dissent...

Unggun Bersih by A Samad Said

Unggun Bersih
Semakin lara kita didera bara—
kita laungkan juga pesan merdeka:
Demokrasi sebenderang mentari
sehasrat hajat semurni harga diri.
Lama resah kita—demokrasi luka;
lama duka kita—demokrasi lara.
Demokrasi yang angkuh, kita cemuhi;
suara bebas yang utuh, kita idami!
Dua abad lalu Sam Adams berseru:
(di Boston dijirus teh ke laut biru):
Tak diperlu gempita sorak yang gebu,
diperlu hanya unggun api yang syahdu.
Kini menyalalah unggun sakti itu;
kini merebaklah nyala unggun itu.
24—25, 6.11. A. SAMAD SAID

Yellow - Coldplay

Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And everything you do
Yeah, they were all yellow

I came along
I wrote a song for you
And all the things you do
And it was called 'Yellow'

So then I took my time
Oh what a thing to've done
And it was all yellow

Your skin, oh yeah, your skin and bones
Turn into something beautiful
D'you know? You know I love you so
You know I love you so

I swam across
I jumped across for you
Oh what a thing to do
'Cause you were all yellow

I drew a line
I drew a line for you
Oh what a thing to do
And it was all yellow

Your skin, oh yeah, your skin and bones
Turn into something beautiful
D'you know? For you I bleed myself dry
For you I bleed myself dry

It's true
Look how they shine for you
Look how they shine for you
Look how they shine for

Look how they shine for you
Look how they shine for you
Look how they shine

Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And all the things that you do

The Voice

Just listen and know you have a voice...

The Voice - John Farnham

We have 
The chance to turn the pages over
We can write what we want to write
We gotta make ends meet, before we get much older

We're all someone's daughter
We're all someone's son
How long can we look at each other
Down the barrel of a gun?

You're the voice, try and understand it
Make a noise and make it clear
Oh-o-o-o, whoa-o-o-o!
We're not gonna sit in silence
We're not gonna live with fear
Oh-o-o-o, whoa-o-o-o!

This time
We know we all stand together
With the power to be powerful
Believing, we can make it better

We're all someone's daughter
We're all someone's son
How long can we look at each other
Down the barrel of a gun?...

You're the voice, try and understand it
Make a noise and make it clear
Oh-o-o-o, whoa-o-o-o!
We're not gonna sit in silence
We're not gonna live with fear
Oh-o-o-o, whoa-o-o-o!

{Instrumental[Bag Pipes(Tin Whistle)]}

We're all someone's daughter
We're all someone's son
How long can we look at each other
Down the barrel of a gun?...

You're the voice, try and understand it
Make a noise and make it clear
Oh-o-o-o, whoa-o-o-o!
We're not gonna sit in silence
We're not gonna live with fear
Oh-o-o-o, whoa-o-o-o!
(repeat until end of song)

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The Great Malaysia Cleanliness Contest; Here Are The Winners.

I got this in an e-mail today. It may have been from someone's blog or something but it sure does summarize Bersih related events in the last three weeks:


Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2011 22:24:19

Bersih 2.0 Rally, Here Are The Winners (Photo)

Delete names/addresses of incoming emails before on-forwarding.
Many thanks.

The Malaysian government considers BERSIH as dangerous, thus the huge clampdown.  They even use excessive force to prevent citizens who just want a fair and clean election to air their views.  Definitely, they are not listening and would not listen.  This is how corrupt and desperate the regime is.  They even declare it as illegal.  How can seeking a fair and clean election be illegal?  See how peaceful the other rallies around the world are.  In Malaysia, the government is adamant to use force and thinks that they own the country.  They have definitely overstayed their welcome.

BN does not own the country but the people.  It only confirms that this government is not in favour of a clean and fair election.  The struggle continues and the people would surely win. 

Watch out for comments from Ng Yen Yen and Chua Sui Lek  (If he does not have anything good for the Malaysian Chinese, its better for him to keep quite).  Can you like them?

Bersih 2.0 Rally, Here Are The Winners (Photo)

My driver was anxiously telling me how he evaded the road block on his way to pick me up at the airport, on the eve of Bersih 2.0′s July 9 rally. Before I can start telling him about my trip to Hong Kong and the wonderful foods that I had, he told me not to worry because he would use another route to send me home. Obviously he wasn’t listening and didn’t care about my Hong Kong trip and who could blame him when almost every Tom, Dick and his dog were affected (and excited) about the Bersih 2.0 rally, one way or another.

It seems the Malaysian police received tips that thousands of stubborn supporters would somehow invade the capital city Kuala Lumpur from the country’s international airport, hence the road-block – how stupid can that be. I told my driver I was thinking about staying put in Hong Kong to help the number (of Bersih 2.0 Hong Kong version) since Kuala Lumpur was literally paralysed due to the police lockdown as if the city was infected by some sort of virus. But my driver saidthe most electrifying moment only happen in the city so I should come back to experience it, whatever that means.

Bersih 2 Rally (Photo)

Bersih 2 Rally (Photo)

I didn’t give much hope that the Bersih 2.0 would be any success compared to the first version although I did write about the unexpected turn-out due to PM Najib Razak’s own stupidity -repeating the history and in the process giving free but valuable publicity to the Bersih 2.0 rally. And the most terrifying moment in the entire political life of PM Najib emerges – a united estimated 50,000 Malaysians regardless of ethnic, religion, age, wealth and whatnot took to the streets of Kuala Lumpur in defiance of the government ban, hand-in-hand. If I were Najib Razak, I would be constipating, knowing my throne is slipping away.

Bersih 2 Rally (Photo)

Bersih 2 Rally (Photo)

If there’s one army that you can’t defeat, that army would be these 50,000 united citizens who came out arming with nothing more than their determination and spirit in demanding for a simple request – a fair election. For once, they’re united for a single cause. You can’t help but shed tears watching how peaceful and the close comradeship demonstrated by these people in helping each other – against the brutality of the police. Unlike Bersih 1.0, this round of rally triggered international attention when Malaysians from around the world; from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Taiwan to as far as United States, Canada, France and Switzerland joined forces in the rally.

Bersih 2 - Portland, USA

Bersih 2 - Portland, USA
Bersih 2 - Portland, USA

Bersih 2 - Paris, France
Bersih 2 - Paris, France

Bersih 2 - Paris, France
Bersih 2 - Paris, France

Bersih 2 - London, Britain
Bersih 2 - London, Britain

Bersih 2 - London, Britain
Bersih 2 - London, Britain

Bersih 2 - London, Britain
Bersih 2 - London, Britain

Bersih 2 - Ottawa, Canada
Bersih 2 - Ottawa, Canada

Bersih 2 - Ottawa, Canada
Bersih 2 - Ottawa, Canada

Bersih 2 - Hong Kong
Bersih 2 - Hong Kong

Bersih 2 - Hong Kong
Bersih 2 - Hong Kong

Bersih 2 - Taipei, Taiwan
Bersih 2 - Taipei, Taiwan

Bersih 2 - Taipei, Taiwan
Bersih 2 - Taipei, Taiwan

Bersih 2 - Perth, Australia
Bersih 2 - Perth, Australia

Bersih 2 - Adelaide, Australia
Bersih 2 - Adelaide, Australia

Bersih 2 - Adelaide, Australia
Bersih 2 - Adelaide, Australia

Bersih 2 - Melbourne, Australia
Bersih 2 - Melbourne, Australia

Bersih 2 - Melbourne, Australia
Bersih 2 - Melbourne, Australia

Bersih 2 - Melbourne, Australia
Bersih 2 - Melbourne, Australia

Bersih 2 - Canberra, Australia
Bersih 2 - Canberra, Australia

Bersih 2 - Osaka, Japan
Bersih 2 - Osaka, Japan

Bersih 2 - Geneva, Switzerland
Bersih 2 - Geneva, Switzerland

Bersih 2 - Washington, USA
Bersih 2 - Washington, USA

Bersih 2 - Washington, USA
Bersih 2 - Washington, USA

Arrogance is addictive, so I suppose PM Najib felt how his predecessor, former PM Abdullah Badawi, was feeling when Badawi thought he was invincible when confronted with peoples rally back in 2007. If only Najib took the different route and allows these people to march peacefully and hand-over whatever their petitions to the King, he would not have to worry about the post-rally effects now. With a record-breaking 1,667 people arrested, including 151 women and 16 children, 1 death due to tear-gas paid by taxpayers money and international coverage from CNN to Al-Jazeera on police’s brutality, Najib administration should be shivering in fears instead of still boasting about his ability to mobilize so-called 3 million UMNO members for a similar rally.

Now that the rally is over and the government-controlled media started spinning stories in an attempt for damage-control, who’re the winners and losers post Bersih 2.0 rally? As expected both Malaysian Government and Bersih claim victories. Maybe it’s true that there’re no losers and everyone is a winner.

First Winner – Bersih 2.0

Bersih 2 Rally Photo

Obviously Bersih (Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections) is now a well-known household brand name synonym with “Fair and Clean”. You can bet your money that if you register this name as a political party and put a donkey as the candidate, you will win the seat with handsome majority (*grin*). Forget about Najib’s pea-size brain cousin, Home Minister Hishammuddin, who declared Bersih as an illegal organization. The fact that the King agreed for an audience with Bersih representatives means Bersih is recognized as a coalition of 62 NGOs whose interest was purely in promoting democracy and free and fair elections in Malaysia.  

Bersih 2 Rally (Photo)
Bersih 2.0 chairperson, Ambiga, was right when she said Bersih was not about her or any other political parties. Bersih was about the people, the voice of rakyat for a fair election.

Second Winner – Ambiga Sreenevasan, Bersih chairperson

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and first lady Michelle Obama present give away Secretary of State’s Award for International Women of Courage to Malaysia ‘s Ambiga Sreenevasan (Malaysian Bar Council) at the State Department in Washington

Ambiga, a Malaysian lawyer who served is the President of the Malaysian Bar Council from 2007 – 2009, became one of the eight recipients of the 2009 Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage Award in 2009. She is perhaps widely known as the lawyer who stood in the controversial religious case for Lina Joy in her apostasy case. From being attacked in a racial slur by Perkasa as a dangerous Hindu woman to SMS death threat and the call to revoke her citizenship, this woman gains the respect of many for her perseverance.

However she was taking a huge risk when she said she will cancel the rally should she be ordered to do so by the King as it was public knowledge that King’s scripts were normally drafted by Najib administration beforehand. The event sent many in the Bersih committee in disarray and divided over the next course of action should the King were to be on Najib’s side. It was a brilliant tactical move by Najib (or rather Mahathir?) nevertheless in trapping Ambiga who is a political novice. Fortunately, the King granted her an audience, indirectly recognized Bersih as a coalition despite Najib’s cousin declaring it as an illegal movement.

Bersih 2 Rally (Photo)

The King neither asked Ambiga to cancel nor endorse the rally but advised both Bersih and Najib administration to negotiate. Needless to say, the arrogant Najib refuse to entertain the King’s advise as it would be seen as losing face to Bersih. Now, Ambiga is an asset whom opposition party (and Najib? Nah!) can recruit as a credible candidate for the next general election.

Third Winner – Opposition parties

Opposition Anwar Ibrahim & his bodyguard hurt by tear gas 

As I’ve blogged earlier, when the opposition parties were searching for the next weapon to keep the momentum alive ahead of a snap election speculated to be called anytime soon, Najib foolishly presented them with one. The opposition parties would not have the best platform to swing the fence-sitting voters over to their camp if Najib didn’t show his arrogance by threatening Bersih with the silliest accusation – working with communists and arresting people who wear yellow shirts. He should have engaged Bersih with the objective of locking out opposition parties from riding on the wave of Bersih’s rally.

Bersih 2 Rally (Photo)

Bersih 2 Rally (Photo)

Thanks to police’s brutality in firing tear-gas directly at innocent crowds, the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was himself injured while another was dead and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to find election campaign bullets. If opposition parties were to probably lose Selangor and Kedah while maintaining Perak states if a snap election were to call this year, the same cannot be said now post Bersih rally. Should Najib allows the rally to proceed, his administration may be able to regain its two-third majority.

Fourth Winner – Mahathir Mohamad


Despite low-profile, this former dictator was the person pulling strings from behind in his attempt to dislodge Najib in favor of deputy PM Muhyiddin. It was not a surprise that Mahathir was the person who almost checkmate Bersih Ambiga when the King was dragged into the crisis. How Mahathir wished the King was the Sultan of Pahang, Perak or Johor. Nevertheless damage has been done and if history were to repeat itself, Najib will most unlikely able to reclaim two-thirds majority in the next general election hence Mahathir’s ambitious plan to install his son as the deputy Prime Minister looks bright.

Fifth Winner – deputy PM Muhyiddin

Deputy PM Muhyiddin 

Compare to Najib, Muhyiddin is more cruel, decisive and dirty (politically) – something that former dictator PM Mahathir possess. Mahathir can almost swear Muhyiddin looks like him when he was his age. The only thing Mahathir need to do now is to assure Muhyiddin will keep to his promise to warm up the premier seat for his own son after a single term. What Muhyiddin needs to do now is to keep low profile and pour more kerosene into the fire in the hate-Najib campaign, quietly. As long as he can proves that he’s as loyal as a dog to Mahathir, his key to the premier throne is assured.

Sixth Winner – Police

Ismail Omar, Khalid Abu Bakar, Amar Singh & Tun Hisan
That’s right, the police force is the winner and is proven during the rally. The police succeeded in doing all the dirty works commissioned by Najib administration through his cousin, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein. And as a reward, top guns such as IGP (Inspector General of Police) Ismail Omar, deputy IGP Khalid Abu Bakar, City acting police chief Amar Singh, Selangor police chief Tun Hisan and others who carried their duties“faithfully as instructed” are assured of their next promotion (or contract extension).


Bersih 2 Rally (Photo)

As a bonus, the police has also done the Najib administration proud by firing and attacking Tung Shin Hospital, a clear breach of Geneva Convention. When not even the United Nations dare to attack hospitals in compliance with Geneva Convention, which was used by dictator Colonel Gaddafi to cowardly hide in Libyan hospitals, Malaysia police under the instruction from Najib administration were happily spreading rounds of tear gas into the civilian hospital. How difficult for the police to deny this – just blame it on the wind and the science of physics that carried the bullets and tear gas into the hospital compound (*grin*).

Bersih 2 Rally (Photo)

Bersih 2 Rally (Photo)

Malaysian police was so successful in their crackdown against the rally that the whole capital of Kuala Lumpur was literally turned into a ghost town. Intimidation, bullying, threats, roadblocks and brutality against their own citizens were carried out flawlessly and systematically. Police’s dedication would literally make you cry as they comb almost each and every hotel in the city, looking for prospect demonstrators. If only they’re as hardworking in looking for criminals.

Bersih 2 Rally (Photo)
Bersih 2 Rally (Photo)

But above all, the Malaysia police should be congratulated for striking a very high success rate of arrest when 1,667 people were arrested during the “illegal rally” – that’s a whopping 27.78% success rate out of 6,000 demonstrators as claimed by the IGP. Malaysia now has another commodity for export. Bet Colonel Gaddafi would pay top money to engage Malaysian police services.

Seventh Winner – Brave-heart Shop Owners

Just like Warren Buffett’s stock investing quote – Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful, only a handful of shop owners opened their business during the rally and as a reward, they enjoyed fantastic business and profit. Others who blindly believed the government’s fear propaganda shutdown their businesses. Strangely despite all the chaos and havoc projected by government-controlled media, not a single shop owner complained of looting or property damages.

In actual fact, if the people were to allow rally peacefully, the tens or probably hundreds of thousands of these “visitors” would bring roaring businesses to all the shop owners. It would be a carnival-like party or festival.   

Eighth Winner – Najib Razak

 Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor

Despite criticisms, Najib is one of the biggest winners here. Maybe it was true that he cowardly tried to fly out of the country before the Bersih 2.0 rally but fortunately his wife Rosmah Mansor stopped him from doing so. Now that the rally was over and with an estimated 50,000 people took to the street, he can spin the story that Bersih 2.0 was a failure as it couldn’t get the promise 100,000 or 500,000 people. In contrast, he can easily mobilize 3 million UMNO members, if he wanted to. He can also be assured of undivided police support should he decide to declare emergency in order to stay in power, in case the opposition managed to win with simple majority in the next general election.

He was particularly proud on how he skillfully cheated Ambiga’s Bersih 2.0 that the government would provide a stadium for them to shout and scream from day to night, only to flop and claim he didn’t promise the Merdeka Stadium but other stadium elsewhere. Ambiga and his team were given the run around and that was so funny. This whole rally also presented Najib with a very important platform -survivability stress test; in the event of an internal power struggle within his own UMNO party. He may be stupid but not his Imelda-Marcos wannabe wife, Rosmah Mansor.

The police backing, army support under his buddy Defence Minister, ability to defy King’s instruction and whatnot would guarantee his premiership.

Heck, so what if it’s the King who can only declare emergency, constitutionally speaking? In this case study, obviously Najib administration asked the King to fly kite, literally, when it defied the Highess instruction to negotiate with Bersih. Najib can declare one (state of emergency) himself even if the King refuses to, and will literally get away with it. That was what the Royal Malay Regiment, Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) and the police Army Unit and Air Wing joint-exercise right before the rally was all about.

In reality, Prime Minister of Malaysia is the most powerful person in the country, provided you’ve the right backing from the police and army forces, which Najib has at the moment. That was why his most trusted lieutenants were entrusted with the portfolio of Home Minister and Defence Minister. Together with his Finance Minister post, Najib is almost invincible. If I were Najib, I would dissolve the Parliament and call a snap election this week.

With only 50,000 against you but more than 28,000,000 people supporting you, what are there to worry about, Mr. Najib Razak?

Other Articles That May Interest You … 

Betrayal of the highest order - Using unacceptable force on unarmed citizens


Najib, you had hoped, you and your minions, that the atrocities committed against ordinary, decent  and innocent people would bring them to their nadir – their worst moment, their moment of least hope. But it’s backfired on you.

It is your nadir, Najib. Not ours. The more abuse you allow hurled at the rakyat who want a good government, the more those divisive slurs, the stronger the rakyat become. The more you allow freedom of speech and action to be stifled, the more they will speak out and do what is necessary for oppression to end.

Ethnic groups are coming together like never before. People are closing their eyes to status, race and religion and opening their hearts to one another. They have learnt to trust again, realizing the real party that has been shredding the fabric of unity and respect all this time.  The walls you allowed to be erected are fast coming down.

The internet blossoms now with new and fervent writers, many of them so young, whose openness, passion, steadfastness and writing gifts this nation should be proud to acknowledge and applaud.

Freedom has finally found its voice. Courage has finally found its people.

Everywhere, people are awakening – teenagers, adolescents, young and old. I keep hearing of 18-,17-,15-year-olds wanting to step forward. They have found new dreams. They see in the distance the fruition of  a better country and are willing to give their all for reforms to be birthed.

It will come – a free and fair country –  where we can stand tall among the nations and know there is a future for all.

And that glorious future can include you, Najib – if you can get out of your time warp and Hitlerian mentality, and get  Perkida,  Wataniah,   Mat Rempit army, Perkasa, silat groups etc  to see reason.

You know, I went to court the other day about 8.30am, to give support to Murugan  – the ‘last man’ standing. I was surprised at the number of Malay youths present at the complex, almost a hundred, I would say. They were giving support to the Datuk T trio, holding placards which proclaimed they loved them. Love porno-video makers?

I could not stay for Murugan’s session which was rescheduled to take place at  11.30 am. I walked out of the court complex at about 11am and saw those youths still there,  a few possibly even as young as 13 or 14. They were standing around,  sitting on the steps, doing nothing. I also saw ‘a sea’ of gleaming motorbikes in the parking lot.

I wanted to ask some of them why they weren’t in school or college or working at that hour. I looked at one youngster, wondering whether it was he I should speak to. He looked back at  me, and there was something in his eyes that made me keep my silence.

That day I had many troubled thoughts. All I could think of  was the waste – the waste of young potential, the brainwashing of gullible minds, perhaps even the poison of money doled out?

Why have these youths been brought down to this state of idleness?

Who in the end will rescue our young Malays from their wayward ways and dependency syndrome and give them something fresh and real and true to hold on to, something  that will help them gain self-respect and esteem and worth?

Truly, no one has done a greater disservice to the Malay community, damaged the young, fed them insecurities, robbed them of self-esteem and self-respect than those who want an eternal perpetuation of their own position and power.

Please  let our young grow  before it is too late and they lead permanently damaging lives.

I am sure there are some   people in the police force, on the bench, in the MACC, in SB,etc. whose conscience  bothers them – because they see the atrocities and think they cannot do anything. They are decent, they understand and want a better nation but they live in straitjackets, needing their jobs.

The time is now, if they should ever want things to get better. There is a choice, albeit a hard one. To say, ‘No more’…or continue to be dominated and be devalued as people, having the humanity in them slowly stripped away.

Najib, you bungled big-time. All you should have done was agreed to the Bersih rally, the Perkasa rally, the Khairy rally – because that is democracy, never mind the purposes of each.

Instruct that each march occur at different times, and don’t forget Bersih set their date  and time  and venues before the others. Have the police on hand to protect the marchers and apprehend any agent provocateur bent on disturbing and disrupting the peace, and when July 9 comes to an end, positive things would have been said about you. And you would have taken that first small step towards redemption.

Instead, you get the police to carry out your unreasonable orders and they get the bad name. I feel sorry for the police, so many good people there having to do bad things for you.

I’ve ceased being angry with  you, Najib. I’ve ceased feeling disdain for Khairy, Hishamuddin, Rais, Muhyddin, Mahathir, Ibrahim Ali, Nazri and others recruited to spread hate and cause fear.

Why? We often hear this saying, “If you do the same thing over and over again, and expect different results, that’s insanity.”

Look at where our nation has been heading down the years? See what you have been allowing – directly or through your minions! The rakyat are bullied, threatened while you  just rail and rant. The rakyat are constantly intimidated while you twist innocent words and actions, having the media print falsehood to raise the racist and religious temperature to new obnoxious highs.  You allow the police to arrest Bersih individuals for merely wearing those t-shirts but Umno and Perkasa with their  threats of violence, bloodshed, arson and  unlawful behaviour get off scot-free.

And now, what is most incomprehensible is that in your total fear of the rakyat whom you are required to defend and protect, you make Yellow, the colour of  royalty, a kotor concept.

You do these over and over again  and yet expect different results? You do these  over and over again and think somewhere along the way people will grow to respect and love you, obey and applaud you? If that isn’t insanity, what is?

You have a choice.  Call off your police and FRU and the army and SB. If they have orders to shoot, the bloodshed that flows is not that of an enemy of the state but of innocent people who want a future for our country, the citizenry of this country! That is betrayal of the highest order!

Why is it so difficult for you to comprehend that Bersih 2.0 is not about taking over government but  about free and clean elections? That is so clear. The more you resist, the more we suspect so much of unethical moves are being done in preparation for GE13 and so now because you are being stalemated you have to resort to bestial and barbaric ways. Thus the fury.

In days of yore, many kings walked out of their palaces to sit in the public square to meet their subjects, hear cases and deliver judgment. That has drastically changed today.  Walls and guards keep people away from their King and walls and guards keep their King inside.

Subjects want to meet their Ruler. Subjects want to  hand over important matters for the Ruler to consider. Kings are not just figureheads. They have a crucial role to play in nation-building. And no one has the right to stop subjects who want to appeal to their King.

Najib, you may go on in this incomprehensible, reprehensible way. That’s your choice. But in the end there is always the day of reckoning for each of us –   each of us have to be finally accountable to our Creator.

For now, as July 9 looms, know that people are not afraid.

Here is a likely scenario I hope you will read and think through with compassion:

In his little village,  75-year-old Pak Mat rises from his prayer mat and steps out onto the veranda. He looks out to a dawn that is breaking and reflects on the significance of the day.  In  a few hours he will be there to march  for free and fair  elections. .

Mak Su joins him and he sees the tears before she hastily wipes them away. “Don’t go,” she says imploringly. “What if they beat you up, break your legs, detain you…?”

“I have to,” he replies sombrely. “It’s gone too far. If I don’t do something now,  there’ll be no hope for our country and our children’s future. It is my duty to stand up against all the wrongs.”

Pak Mat slips into the bedroom where  his five-year-old  grandchild sleeps. He brushes the little one’s  cheek gently with a feathery kiss and hurries out to the veranda again.

He puts on his sandals , picks up his walking stick and looks at Mak Su. She is weeping.

“What if they shoot you … what if you are killed?” she says brokenly, her weeping giving way to heart-wrenching cries.

Pak Mat takes his wife’s hands in his, and  with hope and faith in his heart says, “I will be back. God is on our side.” 

We have to remember people like Dr Jeyakumar and all the others who have so bravely stood up for BERSIH.

The heart of a gentle person - Dr Jeyakumar 

I am writing this urgent letter to all Malaysians to be aware of the suffering that all the 6 PSM  members are going thru . Isolated from loved ones and family they will have to beg to go to Toilet , or shave or bathe and hence the mental torture starts .I am writing on behalf of Dr Jeyakumar as I am a part of his family .I hope and trust that the family members of the others will start writing too to urge people not to stand for the utterly stupid charges against the 6 .If in fact there was a T shirt or poster of " former " CPM leader Chin Peng , how is it wrong . ???

The National Libraries and most libraries in Universities have many books on communism for reference and reading . There are even books with his pictures as well as other involved in the struggle at that time. Is Hishamuddin going to remove all reference books in all the libraries ?? Is he going to have all the Librarians arrested or having reference material on communism ??

Hishamuddin calls the Bersih Rally illegal and as such justifies the wearing of bersih T shirts illegal also and had the 30 peole arrested . If so , the Perkas rally and UMNO Youth rally was also illegal , can we assume as such that wearing Parkas  shirts and UMNO Youth Illegal . Hishamuddin is the most shameless politician for using such a stupid comparison . He takes us ordinary Malaysians as stupid but we have to show his in a clear, non violent and reasonable way that we will not accept this action .       

Dr Jeyakumar

I know Dr Jeyakumar personally . His father is also a doctor. Let me first tell you some childhood stories that will capture your imagination of this simple yet strong willed but gentle person . 

1st personal story

In his teens One day he went to to town to buy some items . He simply wore slippers and told his mum that he will be back later .A few hours later he called and asked his mum  to please come and fetch him back . His mum was busy and asked him to take the bus but he pleaded with her to just come this time . She relented and went to pick him up and found him without slippers !!! standing on the inside of the pavement in a shop away from the heat of the midday sun . 
Looking relieved he quickly jumped into the car . People had been staring at him whenever they passed by and wondering what was wrong with this boy . In the car he explained that he saw an old man shuffling about without slippers and could not stand it anymore and just gave him his own slippers to walk .

Only after doing that he realised that the pavement was very hot and couldn't walk to the bus stop and also was receiving strange stares from passerby and decided to call his mother. 

Such is the heart of this gentle man who has been arrested by Hishamuddin  and the police saying he is a communist and was carrying Bersih T shirts
2nd personal story

When he was in University Malaya  he constantly involved himself in the plight of the estate workers . I know personally of how he started tuition classes in many estates from sg Siput to BUTTERWORTH  for poor students during his semester breaks. His legacy still continues till today with Indian students still sacrificing their important time during their breaks to tutor underprivileged students in estates till today .

When he became a doctor , he requested his posting to be in Sarawak interior where many places had no electricity and reachable by boat to treat orang asli and start education programmes for kindergarten aged children . He stayed for many ,many years in Sarawak doing selfless work among the poor and destitute .

Such is the heart of this gentle man who has been arrested by Hishamuddin  and the police saying he is a communist and was carrying Bersih T shirts

3rd personal story

Once when I was in Ipoh  few years ago ,way before he became Member of Parliament (and like David beating Goliath - won the Parliamentary seat from Samy Velu) saw me and asked me if I was free . I replied that I was and and in the night approx 9 after he had finished his hospital rounds picked me up and we drove many miles and reached a large squatter area . The old blue rickety  Volkswagon tumbled and tossed in the uneven mud road and there were no streetlights at all and we ere driving in the dark .

After a long time we reached a broken down hut and inside was an old Indian lady on a makeshift bed . Dr Kumar listened for a long time to her crying and after sometime he gently talked to her and gave her some painkiller injections and she soon slept off . On the way back he told me that she was in the end  stage of her cancer and was dying and in so much pain . He made this trip twice or 3 times a week as she could not come to a hospital for pain medication . I sat quietly reflection how much just one person can do and how we who are so blessed do so little .

Dr Kumar is my cousin and I am proud to know him . !!! My relationship throughout the years have enriched me tremendously. I hope that reading this that you will not believe the lies that the mainstream newspapers is trying to tell you .

All of the 6 deserve our support and love - more so at this time , This is my simple testimony . I am sure that many, many more people will be able to share more experiences that they have had with Dr Kumar .

His gentle heart , his ready ear for listening even to the smallest complaints . I am enraged that they have locked him up without his seeing his wife and son and parents and friends. It is said that he is in solitary confinement . His 19 year old son who was also on the bus was arrested with him and kept in the lock up . 

Please read and pass to friends if you can . Remember - All it takes for Evil to Triumph is for good people to do nothing !! 

Proud to be his friend, 


Hey! when did people like Dr Jeyakumar become a communist?   I thought COMMUNISM is long gone.  Even the USSR no longer exist.  Just imagine how out of touch with reality they are and they have no better reason.