Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Irshad Manji on PopTeeVee

Irshad Manji calls out moderate muslims..."in times of moral crisis, moderation is an excuse to do nothing"

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

"Stupid Is What Stupid Does", Says Stupid

Kayveas made a statement in the Malaysian Insider about BERSIH 3.0 which is designed to draw flak. A knee jerk by Dr Wong Chin Huat in the same online news media demanding evidence is already playing into Kayveas' hands. Kayveas was surely talking through his rear end and being a lawyer to boot, his 99% figure was obviously not evidence based. So what is he trying to do with this tirade against BERSIH 3.0?

With GE13 not too far away, the usual jostling for seats has begun in BN. UMNO looks prepared to go it alone and claim all Malay majority areas for its own candidates. Even MCA and MIC are being squeezed so what about mosquito component parties like the predominantly Indian PPP.

After years of tantrums in trying to get its political master UMNO to allocate it a seat, Kayveas (PPP) was eventually given a chance by Bodohwi in 2004 and he swept to victory riding on the latter's proposed post-Mahathir reform agenda. His wipe-out in the 2008 GE12 needs no further elaboration.

GE13 will be upon us soon so the running-dogs are barking again. MCA and MIC are being ambivalent and tentative about the BERSIH hot potato that could see them lose all their remaining non-Malay support. Would PPP see this as a slight opening for it to show solidarity with UMNO?

So Kayveas' ludicrous statement about BERSIH must only be replied with SILENCE. Anything more will only serve his end while he is trying to kiss someone else's.

This is what Kayveas was reported to have said in the Malaysian Insider:

Children, paid supporters, made up Bersih 3.0’s crowd, says Kayveas By Clara Chooi June 18, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, June 18 — Schoolchildren, “blind” anti-Barisan Nasional (BN) supporters and paid participants had marched for Bersih 3.0, Datuk M. Kayveas has said, adding that 99 per cent of the thousands who gathered did not know what they were rallying for on April 28. 

Kayveas, who leads the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), raged that many of the participants were those who have “shut their eyes to BN’s goodness” and were intent on blaming the ruling pact for their own failures in life.

He pointed out that he had come from a very poor family and had lived among squatters for some 25 years but still supports BN for what it has done for the country.

“It was because of what BN has done for the past 50 years that I can be
what I am today. But there are those who grew up with me, who are still there... they never moved out of it.

“These people who are now supporting the opposition you see, they are forever making complaints or giving excuses for whatever failure of theirs to change themselves. They want to blame others, or find someone to blame,” he told The Malaysian Insider during a recent interview at his office here.

“But I always say — to be born poor is not a sin but to remain poor is.”

These “blind” supporters, added Kayveas, were the ones willing to spread discord on the streets and break the law as they knew their political leaders would later argue in their defence in Parliament.

former deputy minister and Taiping MP said these supporters were even willing to “beat up policemen” and “damage police cars”, referring to the violent incidents that occurred during the thick of Bersih 3.0 when police rained down tear gas canisters and chemical-laced water to disperse protesters from the city.

But Kayveas accused the opposition for promoting such blind condemnation of BN and for allegedly instigating their supporters to break the law and to spread falsehoods through the use of social media tools.

“They have created groups to blindly support them with herd mentality, without realising what is the truth and what is not,” he said.

“The opposition teaches you that. Wake up in the morning and run people down on the Internet. If you cannot succeed in running people down, then you run to the streets.

“Ninety-nine per cent of those who marched with Bersih did not know why they were there.
Give a yellow T-shirt, a few hundred ringgit and they are there.

“Some schoolchildren were there... when I asked them, they said their parents asked them to go,” he said.

Kayveas also lashed out at the electoral reform movement Bersih 2.0 for deviating from its original and “noble” cause to fight for clean and fair elections, which he said he supports.

“The issue is fair and clean elections. The issue was not about Dataran Merdeka. But you insisted on Dataran Merdeka so it clearly shows that you had diverted from the original, noble, idea into a now opposition-backed, daft, arrogant, stubborn, thinking of defying everything that is right by saying it is wrong,” he said.

Tens of thousands had thronged the city’s streets on April 28 for the Bersih 3.0 rally for free and fair elections, the election watchdog’s third such event since 2007.

The opposition-backed protest had kicked off peacefully but turned chaotic shortly after 3pm when protesters breached the three-tiered barricades surrounding Dataran Merdeka, which had been blocked off to them via a court order obtained by the police.

Sunday, 3 June 2012


This was the PAS Himpunan Hijau in Alor Star a few days ago. The sheer numbers will scare the shit out of some people who are probably hoping "photoshopped". There was heavy rain to boot!

Apparition or Aberration

A retired senior government official whom I believe to be a no-nonsense guy shared this photo. It was taken by his nephew at their kampung home in Kelantan about 10 days ago. What gives? It appears to be between the fan and the ceiling. Magnification of the image shows consistent pixelation, an indication that the picture is authentic? Anyone who knows how to, please feel free to download and analyse is photo.

My resident spirit expert says they do manifest like this sometimes. Top clear, bottom wispy.