Monday 21 July 2008

Stop Crying! Lets Go To War!!!

Blogger Capt Yusof Ahmad, better known as "The Ancient Mariner" in blogosphere published a comment by his friend, Capt Abdul Aziz Abdullah. Capt Aziz suggests an interesting approach to the nation's woes; going on war-footing! Unfortunately, we need a strong leader to declare War and it is more likely that we will die in Peace. But please read:

I Weep For Malaysia!
The Ancient Mariner

My former colleague Capt. Abdul Aziz Abdullah, who is back after many years as a working expat in a neighbouring country, sent me this heartfelt comment on the state of the nation which I thought I'd publish in toto:

Who would have thought that we would be heaped into the present quagmire that we are truly ensconced with now? With no apparent clear direction as to where we are going, politically and economically, we are further threatened with having to bear the constant possibility of public mayhem causing great unease in our normal daily routine. One would have thought that after the 12th. General Election (GE), a clear message would have been delivered to both, the victors and the vanquished, as to what was expected of them. The victors are deemed to have been provided a chance to prove that they are worth the trust accorded them and, hence, commence governing with fresh vitality and competence. The vanquished, on the other hand, were expected to take heed of the apprehensions of the rakyat on the way they were ruling previously, and, hence, do the necessary to identify the causes of their malady, discover ways to rectify these and prove that they are worth being given a second chance come the 13th GE.

But, sadly, today, 4 months down the road, what do we see?

I perceive a country, once the pride of the region in terms of political stability and economic prosperity, now quite unsure of its future direction in both aspects. There is an absence of a distinct political leadership, something that is a must when a governing party that has been in power for 50 years lost is 2/3 majority in the Federal Parliament and 5 states to boot! In my mind, the day that “political tsunami” occurred on March 8, it behoves upon the top leadership of the Barisan Nasional (BN) to come out with greater vigour and prove their mettle as true “leaders” in every sense of the word – grab the message delivered by the rakyat, conduct a closed-door “no-holds-barred” post mortem to identify the causes of the mass rejection, identify the remedies, formulate solutions and, commence putting them into effect whilst maintaining its right to govern the Federation – as wished by the majority when 140 seats were given to the BN.

Instead, what do we notice?

Endless blame-throwing and in-fighting within the component parties, both intra and inter, trying to outdo each other in very public screaming of the onus that “You are unfit to govern because I am better than you. You are to assume total responsibility for our failure at the polls!”
Yet, when offered a Cabinet post by the same individual they vociferously claimed to have been the sole cause of the “disaster”, these same accusers were more than keen to accept them! What an anomaly!

Over on the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) side, one could expect that they would accept the mandate given them to govern the newly delivered 4 states competently and prove the decision of the voters to be a wise one and, hence, do their utmost to commence doing just that, i.e. to govern wisely.

Instead, even before displaying their political acumen of being THE government in these states, they choose to manoeuvre and manipulate the downfall of the party ruling the Federal government! Have they forgotten that, had the rakyat wished them to be taking over the Federal reins, then, such a mandate would have been delivered by the majority during the polls? The fact that it was not provides ample evidence that the PR is being “tested” in the 4 states before a final assessment is made on their suitability to actually govern the country. Alas, if only this message gets into the minds of PR stalwarts heading the 4 states, I am quite sure that they will spend more time in ensuring good governance of their respective charges rather than opt for wasting valuable resources and time in trying to unseat the Federal Government.

On the economic front, the spiraling rise in the global oil price is unstoppable. This has to be accepted. It will seriously affect Malaysia’s planned economic growth. This, too, has to be accepted.

So what do we do?

Simply dish out piecemeal solutions (some of which had to be retracted later due to it being not thought out properly beforehand) and pray for the best?


I say, let’s go on a war-footing to address and issue that affects each and every Malaysian! Just as in war-time, we should harness whatever expertise and acumen available in Malaysia and get all of them to confer and deliberate – coming out with the best options to face the crisis heads-on. In this regards, party-affiliation ought to be set aside – we need the very best, the most articulate, the pedigree of economic planners – to sit down and try come out with beneficial and well thought out “do-able” policies acceptable to Malaysians for the country’s continued prosperity.


Not so, in my books, for, when a “war-footing” is triggered, then all else becomes subordinate to the national interest. What good is there for BN and PR to be at loggerheads with each other when the country is crying for solutions to a very pertinent aspect of its survival – her economic well being!

Unfortunately, instead of addressing and finding amicable solutions to all the above, our power-wielders prefer to opt for a confrontational stance. Accusations and counter-accusations of criminal wrongdoings, with sordid details of misbehaviour by political adversaries still continue. Blatant abuse of instruments of governance meant for securing public order in time of national crisis is invoked to cause public inconvenience. Propriety in respecting the rule of law is thrown to the winds with ministers commenting on on-going investigations, whilst, in the same breath, claiming that they are not interfering in the process.

Prior to March 8, almost all power holders assumed that the Malaysian lay-public are ignoramuses who cannot differentiate between an untruth and a sworn statement; between fact and fiction; between news-propaganda and information-plausibility.

Gladly, Malaysians have passed that stage! We are now more well-informed, thanks to the advent of the Internet and its associated knowledge dissemination facilities. We are more judicious in making decisions that affect our own well being and that of our children and their children’s children. We care for the betterment of our beloved nation and resist the temptation to simply migrate and say farewell to the place where we were born!

It is for all these that I weep for my country. A nation that once stood tall amongst her peers in the region is now deemed to be the “laughing stock” of the world! Our leaders are castigated not only by the opposition, but, more vocally by their own “supporters”. In trying to pacify and placate these dissatisfied groups, the will to take charge and move the nation forward appears to have been put on the back burner!

I plead to all – please, please do the right thing! Pick up the reins and commence governing. Do not attempt to justify your weakness by pointing fingers at others; instead prove your mettle as a leader by actions compatible with such an acknowledgment. Lead and do not be swayed. Rest assured that should you do what is right; the rakyat will be with you. But, if you prefer to opt for what is “popular”, than the reverse will surely occur.

Enough of castigations and humiliation; enough of thumb-twiddling and procrastination.

Others are moving forward at a faster pace than us. We need to pick up the pieces and catch up with them.

I know we can do it – provided the innate will to do so is there!

I wish to stop weeping – is there such a possibility?

Thursday 17 July 2008


I got up early today feeling rather glum. I would like to say it was inexplicably so but I can't. Needing a quick fix I remembered an unopened email from my old friend Eddy Foong Kuan Yoong in my inbox entitled "Nice & Humorous"........... so now I am less glum. Have read those jokes before but anyway.....

Joke number (5) takes the cake; it describes the very attitude rampant in Malaysia today which made me feel glum in the first place! Coincidence? I know better!!

(1) What did the gangster's son tell his dad when he failed his examination?
"Dad, they questioned me for 3 hours, but I never told them anything !!"

(2) What's the difference between people who pray in church and those who pray in casinos?

The ones in the casinos are serious.

(3) A little boy went up to his father and asked:
"Dad, where did all of my intelligence come from?"
His father replied :
"Well, son, you must have gotten it from your mother, because I still have mine."

(4) Paul's teacher sent a note home to his mother, saying:
"Paul seems to be a very bright boy, but spends too much of his time thinking about girls."
The mother wrote back the next day:
"If you find a solution, please advise. I have the same problem with his father!"

(5) When I was young I used to pray for a bike, then I realized that God doesn't work that way, so I stole a bike and prayed for forgiveness.

Tuesday 15 July 2008

Hear! Hear!!!

Yesterday, I was not caught in the massive traffic jam in the city because I was not driving and was in Kepong most of the day, but my kids were. Yesterday, I know thousands of Malaysians were pissed off with the police for causing the traffic gridlock. Yesterday, many Malaysians were fed up of being treated like idiots because unseen hands are punishing all of us against real or unreal street demonstrations. I can imagine the amount of money wasted burning RM2.70/litre fuel but going nowhere and I am glad our Chedet felt the same (although I do not agree with his vindication of the police action).

Today, we see that the antics of Anwar are also to blame for the rakyat's sufferings which can easily be avoided. No thanks "Dr. Anwar" for attempting a potentially successful operation that kills the patient (rakyat) in the process. I have my apprehensions about Saudara AI and I agree with the two blogviews below (UPDATE: Would like to add a third blogview; Patrick Teoh's NIAMAH!!!):

(1) drrafick - Rights 2 Write

What la you.. Anwar..

July 14, 2008 by drrafick

1. Last weekend it was reported in the media that Anwar has agreed to meet up with the police this afternoon (14/7/08 @ 2pm) over the recent sodomy allegation. It was quite sad to note that the latest media reports over Malaysiakini and MT showed that Anwar had change his mind because he is not happy the way the police had handled the way a notice was served on him.

2. It was reported that Anwar claims that, the police had been rude to his wife and daughter while serving the notice and because of this, he chose not to cooperate with the police. While I am not privy to what actually transpired in Anwar home, I feel Anwar has wasted an opportunity of clearing his name.

3. In my assessment, I believe Anwar never wanted to give a voluntary statement to the police. Seeing how Anwar behaves in the last few years and especially last few weeks, it is quite evident that he will only go with a bang. He will do it the way he went to the Turkish Embassy. In other words, he will go with public uproar and with backing of the world media.

4. The issue on the alleged misconduct of the police at Anwar home is a separate issue from his current problem. It must be handled separately. There is no need to link the two issues together. He wants publicity. He wants the people to rise. He sees his window of opportunity is getting smaller.

5. I am sad over the decision by Anwar to snub the police by giving such a lame excuses. RPK went without much problem when he was served. He came out from the police station unscathed. I do not think the police would be foolish enough to lay a finger on Anwar this time around. The police have their reputation to protect. The investigating officer also wants to be professional. He has to be very careful. All you know the police will ensure all precautionary measures are taken to ensure that Anwar is not hurt in any way.

6. In my previous writing, I have said “Sudah lah tu Anwar..” and I am saying it again to you. “Cukup lah tu” You are contributing to the national economic slide. Please stop all the nonsense. The police just wants to take a statement. It is quite clear that what you are trying to do is to be uncooperative and forcing the police to use a physical approach to apprehend you. You wanted the whole world to see it. You want the entire country to see the charade. Why must you make life difficult for everyone. If you feel the police were rude to your family, then file a report against them as well to BPA, suhakam, Interior Ministry etc but do not use it as an excuse not to cooperate with the police.

7. This are two separate issues. The police will call your lawyer again and they will ask you to cooperate. You must cooperate. Show them you have nothing to fear. Show them that you have done no wrong. Prove to them. Give them the name of your alibi. Let the police finish their work. If you can convince the police, I am sure the police will take action against Saiful Bahari.

8. Anwar, the people are tired. They are fed up. They want life to return to normality. They want to see something else on the TV and newspaper. While many of your supporters have blind loyalty towards you, it does not mean that you can always fool people around.

9. While the whole nation saw P Bala SD revelation, I saw how you capitalize P. Bala for your own benefit. I still believe that the first SD P. Bala did is his honest revelation but his biggest mistake was to make a revelation in your presence. Your presence had only make life difficult for him. His 15 minutes of fame is gone forever. His credibility is also affected.

10. You were the center of the P Bala issue and played the pivotal role in the P. Bala SD revelation. You are to be blame if anything happens to him or his family. Bala should have made the SD public after making a police report and he should not have done the media release together with you. You keep saying there is more evidence. If truth is important to you and I believe it is in the best interest of the nation that you just reveal all the so-called evidence and truth relating to Althantuya murder.

11. Stop making a show and one drama after another. Stop trying to make a political mileage for every damn opportunity. This is not a private chess game between two people. While you are trying to reach the pinnacle of power, your action is causing a lot of suffering to people. I say it again, “DSAI… cukup lah tu!…”

(2) Hantu Laut

Monday, July 14, 2008

Is Anwar Ibrahim Above The Law?
Hantu Laut

Malaysians in general and the Western media in particular would make a hero out of Anwar Ibrahim even if he is defiant of the law.

Is Anwar above the law or does he thinks he is above the law? Is he to be treated differently from other ordinary Malaysians? What makes he thinks he has immunity from being issued with an order to present himself at the police station for questioning? Are they not just excuses to provoke the police to arrest him so we Malaysians can make a hero out of him.

He is no Nehru,Ghandi or Mendela. If he had been selfless and as noble as those three gentlemen I would have great respect and sympathy for him, but he is not.His thirst for power has passed the threshold of decency, it's pure greed and self-glorification.

Many Malaysians still can't see through this man and where he is taking this country to.His dramatic and dreadful display of playing the victim to rile up his supporters into a frenzy has been his trade mark since his ABIM days.He has no respect for the democratic process, he glorifies demonstrations,intimidation and coercion as the right process to demolish an elected government.

The government may be corrupted,useless and led by a lame-duck prime minister but, what's the hell, the people had made their choice.

We have rightly or wrongly, put our fate in a government we chose and change if we had to, must be through the democratic process, unless Anwar Ibrahim sees it fit to start a rebellion against the government, which he is trying hard to do by arousing the sentiments of his supporters, to create civil disorder, which may and can lead to general chaos or even rioting.

Just go to any of the popular blogs in this country and see for yourself the kind of comments his supporters and blogs that support him make.He has become a cult figure to them. Any negative comment on Anwar would turn them into wild animals ready to jump on you and tear you to pieces.These are people who speaks about democracy and clean government but can only behaved in most uncivilised manner.It wouldn't be my wild imagination how scary it would be to put thousands of his diehard supporters on the streets.

Does Anwar cares whatever going to happen to this peaceful nation.I think he wouldn't give a damn as long as he can gain power, by hook or by crook.

Anwar's deleterious way will be his downfall again.

(3) NIAMAH!!!
Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What a f**ked up day!

Boy! Am I glad Monday is over. What a f**ked up day it was. Didn't you think so?First, an emergency motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his Cabinet was thrown out by the Speaker. Why? The motion was rejected by the Speaker due to the "wrong choice of words". Huh? Exactly. What the fuck does that mean? That was what was reported in The Star's online paper. But in a neighbouring country a news channel reported that it was due to a word or words being mis-spelt!!!


Meanwhile, Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar has issued an apology to the Malaysian public for the massive traffic jams caused by numerous road blocks mounted by the police which "were carried out in the interest of the public". And then, as if to kick us in the nuts just one more time, the minister said, "The public want their safety, not demonstrations or interference with their daily life." Interference with my daily life???!!! What the fuck do you call sitting in traffic for 2 and a half hours for what normally would be a 20 minute journey? I would call that a BIG interference with my daily life, wouldn't you?

Anyone who was caught in the grid-lock yesterday would have wanted to tell Syed Hamid to take his apology and shove it so far up his ass he'd choke. Instead of issuing apologies which mean nothing why didn't he deploy traffic policemen to assist the very people whom he claims do not want interference with their daily lives? Like stationing traffic policemen at all the major intersections in the city centre would have been a great help.

I am not a BN supporter. Neither am I am big fan of Anwar or the PKR. But can you fuckers stop talking to me like I'm a fucking retard? Thank you.


Monday 14 July 2008

One Year

Up until about 2 weeks ago I did not know Mr Norman Chua from Adam. In fact I still do not know much about him and vice versa. He had posted a comment in one of my blogposts saying he needed some assistance with a research paper he is doing.

The following is the subsequent email exchange (edited for confidentiality) which resulted in positive exchange of energy between two strangers. It truly is amazing in cyberspace!


Norman has left a new comment on your post "May

13, 1969 Revisited. An Old Soldier's Perspecti...":

I am researching on the Penang riots of 1967 and came across references to the Royal Malay Regiment's role in the British archives. I enjoyed reading the Colonel's views and would like to communicate directly with him.

I can be contacted at [deleted]

Thanks very much.

Norman Chua


Hi Norman, I have forwarded your request to the colonel. Thanks.




From: Norman Chua
Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 11:53 AM
To: Cheahs
Subject: Re: FW: [THE NOCTURNAL MIND] New comment on May 13, 1969 Revisited. An Old Soldier's Perspecti....

Am very grateful. Having looked through the British and Australian archives, there are some materials which are possibly inflammatory which I have no intention of putting up on a public forum. It would be far better that I address my queries to the Colonel as I am researching on the role of the Malaysian armed forces in regards to riot control.




Hi Norman,

I have forwarded your emails to the colonel (including this one). You are in luck because you have chanced upon the mother lode. But there is one constraint; as you would understand, some information could be sensitive and the colonel needs to know who you are and whether you are Malaysian. Would appreciate if you could give us some background information about yourself.





From: Norman Chua
Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 7:49 PM
To: Cheahs
Subject: RE: FW: [THE NOCTURNAL MIND] New comment on May 13, 1969 Revisited.
An Old Soldier's Perspecti....

Dear Mr Cheah,

I am enclosing a letter of reference from my supervisor in [deleted].




Thanks. Will forward as usual.



After a few more emails regarding his background and the colonel agreeing to assist him.


From: Norman Chua
Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 8:44 PM
To: Cheahs
Subject: RE: FW: [THE NOCTURNAL MIND] New comment on May 13, 1969 Revisited. An Old Soldier's Perspecti....

Dear Mr Cheah,

On a personal note, may I express my deepest condolences to you for the loss of your wife. Having experienced something similar in the past, I can understand in a little way how it is like. Though it is religiously inspired, I found CS Lewis' A Grief Observed very comforting during my time of bereavement.

Do take care and I really appreciate all the help.



Dear Norman,

Thank you for you kind thoughts. I regret to hear you too have experienced such profound loss. Will get a copy of A Grief Observed as you recommended. Thanks again.



From: Norman Chua
Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2008 9:54 AM
To: Cheahs
Subject: RE: FW: [THE NOCTURNAL MIND] New comment on May 13, 1969 Revisited.
An Old Soldier's Perspecti....

Dear Mr Cheah,

If you don't mind, it just happens that I have a spare copy of the book and would be most glad to send it to you.

If you are OK with it, please provide a mailing address.



Dear Norman,

You are most kind. I was discussing our email exchanges with my daughter last night and we concluded that our interaction somehow had something to do with Mummy. And now you make me this kind offer. It would indeed be a privilege to receive the book from you, thank you. I will still buy a copy to be given away later to the right person and keep yours.

My address is [deleted]. We will be moving at the end of this month as I have sold this house and want a change of environment for the family. July 12th would be Jeannie's first death anniversary.



Sat 7/12/2008 9:47 AM

Dear Mr Cheah,

I posted the book to you a few days ago and hope that you will receive it soon.

Given the significance of today, I think I understand in a small way how memories can flood one's mind on such anniversary dates. And I can fully appreciate why you feel the need to move to a new home.

I pray that you and your children would be able to find peace and acceptance during this difficult time.



This book arrived in the mail from Norman Chua exactly on 12th July; the exact day of Jeannie's passing one year ago. I do not think Norman planned for it and given the "exemplary" service of Pos Malaysia, exact arrival date is never certain.

At the time of this blog posting, I have not read the book yet but I already know My Darling Jeannie wants me to see something in it.

Coincidences? It does not matter to me what others think. I know.

By sheer circumstantial necessity, Krystyn, JJ, Prince and I had to drive to Penang on the 12th of July. It was as if Mummy did not want us in the house on the day!

Foster daughter YW was in need and Jeannie would have wanted it no other way than we go to her aid. It was a situation more befitting Mummy's special talents but we were "forced" to do without her. Thank you Darling. We got your message.

Two More Years; Two Chumps, Too Long, Too Late, Two Timed? Two Views

The Preacher Man announced his now famous "Two Years" two times two days ago. S0 now we know which two will be running UMNO in the next two years. The following are two interesting views; Bloggers Hantu Laut and M Bakri Musa. My two questions remain, but "who is running the country now?" and "who will be running the country in two years time?".

Abdullah's Art Of War

by Hantu Laut

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has done it. He has delivered his master stroke.

The handing over to Najib delayed to June 2010 would give him enough time to consolidate his position, rebuild confidence and keep away would be contenders from the fray. Sun Szu would be proud of his military like strategy.

Two of Sun Szu's stratagem in the planning of war based on James Clavell's simple interpretation are shown below:

18.All warfare is based on deception.
22.If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him.
Pretend to be weak,that he may grow arrogant.

With Najib nicely locked in as his chosen successor he has eliminated the one man who is likely to challenge him for the presidency of the party.

It is unlikely for Najib to change his mind and challenge Abdullah as he had given Muhyiddin the cold shoulder. Muhyiddin has sought alliance with him to work as a team to challenge Abdullah.With poor public perception of his image Najib wouldn't want to upset the applecart.

The people's court of opinion had not been fair to him, they didn't give him the same benefits of the doubts that they have given Anwar. Dirty campaigning by Anwar had also added fuel to an already burning fire.

As well as being intellectually smart, Anwar is also a cunning creature, he took his case of sodomy to the Sharia Court, where the accuser would be required to produce 4 adult witnesses.Your guess as good as mine where this Islamic judicial edict stands in today's society as far as practicality is concerned.

Former Prime Minister Mahathir may have to bite his sharp tongue and resign to the fact that he will not be getting what he wanted, the good riddance of Abdullah. It may also be good for the country if Mahathir makes an exit from the political scene.His over-indulgence has done more harm than good to UMNO and the nation.

The motion of vote of no confidence by the oppositions in Parliament is not likely to succeed and will have no dire consequence on Abdullah's position as prime minister.It would merely be an academic exercise to fulfill Anwar's lust for power.

Malaysia a seemingly modern country has little to offer in term of political maturity. The stagnation in political adolescence make most of us look like blithering idiots.The recently concluded General Elections was a glaring example of political immaturity.

In more matured society and fully grown political system, opposition parties and society at large would have accepted the results of the elections and get back to work and the masses back to their ordinary lives.

In Malaysia, in spite of the fact that the ruling coalition had more than comfortable majority and the leaders duly elected, there were more political turmoil after the elections than before.The oppositions who claimed to champion democracy didn't behave as such.

Instead of giving democracy it due process and wait until the next elections to try taking over the government, the oppositions led by Anwar went on a wildcat campaign to spread hatred against the government.Abdullah's politicial liberalism has fueled Anwar intense and relentless political campaigning although elections have passed.

The political turmoil was not started by the DAP or PAS,the two main opposition parties, but by two men, former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad and his arch rival and former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, both men have almost common mission, Mahathir to topple Abdullah as prime minister and Anwar to topple Abdullah's government.

Both men employ different political philosophy, Mahathir using the racial card lamenting on the erosion of Malay rights under Abdullah's regime and Anwar titillating equality for all races in the country, a farcical promise according to a Chinese friend.When he comes to power it will be ketuanan Melayu all over again he added.

How far that is true we would only know if Anwar becomes prime minister.

Malaysians will be in for more surprises from weak Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Weak according to whom wanted him out.

Long Goodbyes Are Only For Lovers!

by M Bakri Musa

Despite the apparent standing ovation Prime Minister Abdullah received upon announcing his retirement in front of UMNO members on July 10, 2008, there was no love lost between them. Likewise, despite the effusive tribute heaped upon Abdullah by his chosen successor Najib Razak on that same occasion, there is also no love lost between the two.

In announcing his resignation so far ahead, and thus ensuring a long drawn-out transition, Abdullah ignored a fundamental element in human (and also political) relationship. That is, long goodbyes are only for lovers! Abdullah should ponder the lyrics of the chorus line in Ronan Keating’s song, “The Long Goodbye.”

Come on baby, its over, let’s face it!

All that’s happening here is a long goodbye!

[For an accompanying music video, please click this link: ]

While it may be sentimental (and hence tolerable) for lovers breaking up to have long goodbyes, such a protracted political transition would be disastrous for a nation. Far from clarifying the leadership crisis, it only compounds the uncertainty.

Let’s face it. This belated ‘love’ between Abdullah and Najib will not last; neither will they, politically. The world of politics is like the animal world. When you are seen as weak, your predators will quickly pounce in for the kill. While it would be obscene to celebrate such an outcome, nonetheless it would be therapeutic for UMNO, Malays, and Malaysia.

I am uncertain of what a standing ovation after Abdullah’s announcement means. Perhaps they wanted to hear yet another statement reaffirming the same, only this time for him to make the date much earlier. They would then continue giving him ever more enthusiastic ovations – thus calling for even more announcements – until he declared his withdrawal right away! At which point he would bring the house down!

The Limp and the Crippled

As perverse as it may seem, Abdullah’s announcement was meant to reassure UMNO members as well as the public. The result was anything but; the speculations continue, only more intense and interesting!

In truth, the party and country would be better off without these two top leaders. This pact, conveniently arranged by the pair and purportedly “endorsed” by the party’s Supreme Council, was meant to strengthen the top leadership by portraying a public picture of seeming unity.

The limp and the crippled clutching each other would not result in a steady ambulating couple. Far from giving strength to each other, the pair would succeed only in bringing each other down. No marks for guessing who is who here!

That Abdullah is a limp leader is now obvious; made more so by his coalition’s recent electoral thumping. Yet there are still otherwise perceptive pundits who feel that if only those UMNO warlords and ministers would let him lead, Abdullah would do wonders!

If Abdullah had not shown his leadership talent by now, especially after he received the massive mandate in 2004, rest assured there is no talent, hidden or otherwise. Abdullah just does not have it; two more years would not miraculously produce one. The sooner he, UMNO, and the pundits accept this reality, the better it is for Malaysia.

Previously the pair was consumed with neutralizing each other. This desperate last minute union of convenience is brought on by fears that both would be wiped out by a third element.

Before that, Najib Razak, egged on by unconcealed endorsements from former Prime Minister Mahathir, had been making some uppity remarks on challenging Abdullah. Mahathir however now seems to be changing his tune; he has openly chided Najib for not standing up to Abdullah.

Najib’s trajectory was also rudely interrupted by sordid revelations relating to the murder of the Mongolian model. One has it that Najib allegedly had an illicit sexual relationship with the victim; another, Najib’s wife Rosmah was somehow involved in the murder itself. She has denied the allegation, but curiously has not seen fit to sue Raja Petra who made that serious allegation.

Najib denied “knowing” the model, a proclamation of innocence reminiscent of and equally unconvincing as President Clinton’s “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!” statement.

Perhaps Najib, a consequence of his early British education, was using the word “know” in its narrow biblical sense as, “Joseph knew his wife, and she conceived.” There was earlier false speculation that the murdered model was pregnant, with the fetus’s paternal origin the subject of intense gossip.

Anwar Ibrahim has as usual read the political situation well. He has shrewdly aimed his guns not towards Abdullah but at Najib. He knows that Abdullah will implode sooner or later. Besides, Anwar’s nemesis Mahathir is doing a pretty good job demolishing Abdullah. It is not that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” rather if my enemies are bent on destroying each other, sit back and relish the scene!

Abdullah also faces a more formidable challenge from Tengku Razaleigh. The Tengku has been getting some traction in his attempt to secure nominations to challenge Abdullah.

Malaysian Politics Hit New Bottom!

With the series of sordid sexual allegations involving senior political figures, Malaysian politics seem determined to hit new bottom (pun intended). The authorities and the public have been distracted by the salacious details, real and fantasized. Indeed, the police are now consumed with this useless investigation, at the expense of fighting crime and corruption.

Malaysia’s political problem is clear: it’s UMNO, specifically its leadership, or lack of one. It is a problem because UMNO is the biggest party, in Parliament as well as in the ruling coalition. UMNO is now rotten to the core.

It is instructive that the only fresh young talent attracted to UMNO these days are such characters as that college dropout Saiful Bukhari Azlan and the lost soul (politically) Ezam Noor. Saiful received an endorsement from no less than Najib Razak, while Ezam was feted by Abdullah himself! Such low standards!

Saiful was the pretty boy who hitherto successfully passed himself off (at least to the gullible) as a “personal assistant” to Anwar Ibrahim. This young man is determined to bring Malaysian politics down to new bottoms, literally and figuratively!

Ezam Noor meanwhile successfully (he thinks) passed himself off as a pretentious warrior against official corruption. He also fancies himself as possessing an oratorical gift matching that of Barack Obama, but minus the intellect. Ezam’s brain, judging by his utterances, could only be slightly bigger than that of a grasshopper, which may explain his frequent political hopping. Nonetheless that was enough to impress UMNO’s top echelon.

Like Saiful, Ezam is threatening to reveal other presumably equally sordid details involving Anwar Ibrahim. Rest assured that when Ezam does that, his standing in UMNO would be significantly enhanced. Such is the rot in UMNO.

Some sympathetic commentators (or perhaps they are just eager to ingratiate themselves to Abdullah) lay the blame for UMNO’s problems on the party’s “warlords” and its essential conservatism. If only the party would accept Abdullah’s “reforms” and the warlords get out of his way, these pundits insist, why there would be a renaissance of the party and wondrous things would magically happen!

These pundits missed the point. Those warlords flourished precisely because of Abdullah’s ineffectiveness. Far from embracing reform, Abdullah is the greatest obstacle towards it.

One badly needed reform is for the party to open up its election process by doing away with the current onerous nominating process. Do away with nomination quotas and you would invite more candidates. That would be the only way to discover new talent.

Abdullah however, is determined to keep this barrier, in fact anything that would help keep him in power. He is a Malaysian Mugabe in the making, if we let him be.

UMNO’s Abscess

There is a malignant abscess in UMNO; it needs to be lanced soon lest it metastasizes and kills the party corpus. The nidus of this putrefaction is the limp Abdullah and the crippled Najib. Both have to be lanced and the associated pus around them flushed out. The sooner this is done, the less complicated the surgery would be and the earlier the healing could begin. The more swiftly the process is accomplished, the less pain (and mess) there would be.

The scalpel is now in the hands of UMNO Supreme Council. If it fails to exercise its solemn responsibility, then the tool would be quickly taken out of its hands and then given to the membership. If they too fail to use it, as by giving candidates like Tengku Razaleigh and others the necessary nominations to contest the party’s elections or doing away completely with the quotas, then they would also lose the privilege of using that knife.

The dye would be cast long before the party’s elections in December. During July and August the party divisions will be selecting their delegates and choosing the party’s nominees. If the members too become limp and crippled by the directive from above, and if they fail to exercise their independent judgment, that would seal the party’s fate. This month and next will be their last chance to redeem the party they love.

Keadilan’s Wan Azizah’s “no confidence” vote against Abdullah scheduled for tomorrow [July 14] has little chance of success. Nonetheless it would serve as a warning thunderbolt, signaling the coming of a severe storm.

The sound of a lightening bolt is a much more reliable predictor of upcoming events than that of a standing ovation.

Tuesday 8 July 2008

Band of Brothers

Last weekend was eventful to say the least. Strangely enough, it was a weekend that was spent (and supposed to be spent) with guys who are close to me especially since Jeannie's demise.

Saturday started off with Hamdan picking me up from home and we drove to Segamat to meet Sofian who was going from Johor Baru. An important last minute lunch meeting had been arranged the previous day. We would have ended up at another bro's (Syed P. M.) home for special northern laksa lunch if we did not have to go Segamat. Instead, J.J. represented me at Syed's place with Wong, Pat and Syed F. We did not want to disappoint our buddy, Syed M. who was celebrating a pertinent milestone in his business. I heard J.J. did me proud by polishing off three plates of Syed M's wife's really good laksa. I believe my "ta pau" laksa is still in the fridge if he has not also walloped that too!

Another buddy, Fauzi could not make it to Syed M's laksa session because he also had to be in Segamat to settle his son into the UITM. What a coincidence. As it turned out, Sofian's Merc developed transmission problems on the way to Segamat and he had to send his driver back to JB with it. I did not want to miss the 100 Days All Blogs gathering at Bloghouse that night. After our Segamat meeting, Hamdan drove Sofian back to JB and I managed to catch Fauzi before he started his trip back to KL. The lunch in Segamat included the famous Segamat durians.

Before we left Segamat, Fauzi the durian afficionado had to have his durian fix so we I had durians again! We arrived in KL by 7.30 pm and Fauzi dropped me off at Istana Negara where Wong was waiting. Wong and I then went off to Bloghouse.

After Bloghouse we adjourned to a pub in Ampang Point when Syed M called. We ended the night at Craven Cafe with Syed M. The day's events had come a full circle and I did get to meet Syed M although I could not make it to his laksa function earlier in the day.

I was looking forward to Mike's BBQ on Sunday night and meeting up again with some of his own "Band of Brothers" from the Royal Military College and the armed forces. Sunday afternoon was supposed to be with my kids before going to Mike's place at Subang Jaya in the evening. We were at Low Yat after lunch to pick up a computer monitor and also supposed to meet Pat and Wong there. Fauzi's sms inviting us to his house at 5.30 for a durian party put paid to that; he had durians delivered from Segamat! I decided to meet Wong and Pat at Fauzi's place instead.

Wong and Pat followed me to Mike's place and I really appreciate the host for allowing me a last minute guest in Wong. Tiger Pat's inclusion was me taking advantage in typical Tiger fashion. The bbq was in full swing when the three of us arrived late at about 8.30 pm. The traffic was horrendous for a Sunday because of the Kelana Stadium fuel hike protest gathering. Mike's guests (about 12 including us) were mostly Old Puteras but the majority that night were Tigers! OP Shafiqque set the pace for our evening's beverages by handing each of us a glass of the bestest and freshtest chilled Nira Cola (toddy) I have ever had. This was immediately followed by the chaser; a double shot of tequila!!! Pat was gone before he started!

The food. Mike definitely throws the best bbq parties this side of Klang Valley. We had the works. The salads of fresh greens, brinjal in light sambal, pan fried snow peas in olive oil, olive pate on toast, escargot, New Zealand mussel and all these was before the main items on the bar-B! Whole leg of lamb in Arabian marinade done to perfection, prawn kebab, tandoori chicken or was it chicken tikka and finally the beef tenderloin. In between we had lemon sorbet and trifle for dessert; both homemade!

Mike's food was only overshadowed by the occasion (which was not known to us till much later in the evening). It was his and Fazillah's wedding anniversary! It also happened to be the birthday of guest, Tiger RAdm Dato' Danyal Balagopal (Retd).

How do I sum up the weekend? Well one thing is for sure, the fact that your are reading this post debunks one of the most common and oldest myths in Malaysia. You can eat durians and still drink!!!

Sunday 6 July 2008

Sponsoring Freedom, Democracy and Bangsa Malaysia

The gathering at Bloghouse last night was good and my friend Wong came along. Wong said it was like watching history in the making as he met for the first time, so many "Blogostars" whom he had only known mainly by their cyber-monickers.

It was a gathering of friends and foe; comrades and strangers; observers and movers; more importantly it was a gathering meant for bloggers. There were both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat members of parliament present in this rojak of a gathering where the rakyat took centre stage. Among others, Raja Petra Kamarudin was asked to speak and he managed to capture the essence of what the gathering and All Blogs is about. In a nutshell, his message was about maturity, about how Malaysians must emulate the spirit in All Blogs where political and personal differences should not hinder interaction and cooperation; where the "if you are not my friend; then you are my enemy" mentality makes you a pariah in your own world.

What I found the most interesting last night was not so much the "apolitics", the personalities nor the ambience but the corporate sponsors for the gathering. The willingness of LG, Air Asia, Genting Berhad, Guinness Anchor Bhd, just to name a few, to sponsor the event and All Blogs paints a very positive picture. Corporate Malaysia is finally "out of the closet" and All Blogs is recognized as a force in Malaysian society.

Hidup Bangsa Malaysia!!!

Friday 4 July 2008

SD on a SD in a Single Day: UPDATE

Why do I have a strange feeling that Perak Adun Hamidah Osman is quietly smirking to herself and feeling absolutely vindicated today? Just when the nation was sinking its teeth into the word, "susceptible" the very guy responsible for spotlighting the word yesterday does a 180 as if to emphasize the meaning. You all should know what I mean la!

From the comments it looks like some reader cannot appreciate a tongue-in-cheek statement. It is this type of narrow-mindedness that undermines Malaysian multi-racial society. So be it.