Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Hear! Hear!!!

Yesterday, I was not caught in the massive traffic jam in the city because I was not driving and was in Kepong most of the day, but my kids were. Yesterday, I know thousands of Malaysians were pissed off with the police for causing the traffic gridlock. Yesterday, many Malaysians were fed up of being treated like idiots because unseen hands are punishing all of us against real or unreal street demonstrations. I can imagine the amount of money wasted burning RM2.70/litre fuel but going nowhere and I am glad our Chedet felt the same (although I do not agree with his vindication of the police action).

Today, we see that the antics of Anwar are also to blame for the rakyat's sufferings which can easily be avoided. No thanks "Dr. Anwar" for attempting a potentially successful operation that kills the patient (rakyat) in the process. I have my apprehensions about Saudara AI and I agree with the two blogviews below (UPDATE: Would like to add a third blogview; Patrick Teoh's NIAMAH!!!):

(1) drrafick - Rights 2 Write

What la you.. Anwar..

July 14, 2008 by drrafick

1. Last weekend it was reported in the media that Anwar has agreed to meet up with the police this afternoon (14/7/08 @ 2pm) over the recent sodomy allegation. It was quite sad to note that the latest media reports over Malaysiakini and MT showed that Anwar had change his mind because he is not happy the way the police had handled the way a notice was served on him.

2. It was reported that Anwar claims that, the police had been rude to his wife and daughter while serving the notice and because of this, he chose not to cooperate with the police. While I am not privy to what actually transpired in Anwar home, I feel Anwar has wasted an opportunity of clearing his name.

3. In my assessment, I believe Anwar never wanted to give a voluntary statement to the police. Seeing how Anwar behaves in the last few years and especially last few weeks, it is quite evident that he will only go with a bang. He will do it the way he went to the Turkish Embassy. In other words, he will go with public uproar and with backing of the world media.

4. The issue on the alleged misconduct of the police at Anwar home is a separate issue from his current problem. It must be handled separately. There is no need to link the two issues together. He wants publicity. He wants the people to rise. He sees his window of opportunity is getting smaller.

5. I am sad over the decision by Anwar to snub the police by giving such a lame excuses. RPK went without much problem when he was served. He came out from the police station unscathed. I do not think the police would be foolish enough to lay a finger on Anwar this time around. The police have their reputation to protect. The investigating officer also wants to be professional. He has to be very careful. All you know the police will ensure all precautionary measures are taken to ensure that Anwar is not hurt in any way.

6. In my previous writing, I have said “Sudah lah tu Anwar..” and I am saying it again to you. “Cukup lah tu” You are contributing to the national economic slide. Please stop all the nonsense. The police just wants to take a statement. It is quite clear that what you are trying to do is to be uncooperative and forcing the police to use a physical approach to apprehend you. You wanted the whole world to see it. You want the entire country to see the charade. Why must you make life difficult for everyone. If you feel the police were rude to your family, then file a report against them as well to BPA, suhakam, Interior Ministry etc but do not use it as an excuse not to cooperate with the police.

7. This are two separate issues. The police will call your lawyer again and they will ask you to cooperate. You must cooperate. Show them you have nothing to fear. Show them that you have done no wrong. Prove to them. Give them the name of your alibi. Let the police finish their work. If you can convince the police, I am sure the police will take action against Saiful Bahari.

8. Anwar, the people are tired. They are fed up. They want life to return to normality. They want to see something else on the TV and newspaper. While many of your supporters have blind loyalty towards you, it does not mean that you can always fool people around.

9. While the whole nation saw P Bala SD revelation, I saw how you capitalize P. Bala for your own benefit. I still believe that the first SD P. Bala did is his honest revelation but his biggest mistake was to make a revelation in your presence. Your presence had only make life difficult for him. His 15 minutes of fame is gone forever. His credibility is also affected.

10. You were the center of the P Bala issue and played the pivotal role in the P. Bala SD revelation. You are to be blame if anything happens to him or his family. Bala should have made the SD public after making a police report and he should not have done the media release together with you. You keep saying there is more evidence. If truth is important to you and I believe it is in the best interest of the nation that you just reveal all the so-called evidence and truth relating to Althantuya murder.

11. Stop making a show and one drama after another. Stop trying to make a political mileage for every damn opportunity. This is not a private chess game between two people. While you are trying to reach the pinnacle of power, your action is causing a lot of suffering to people. I say it again, “DSAI… cukup lah tu!…”

(2) Hantu Laut

Monday, July 14, 2008

Is Anwar Ibrahim Above The Law?
Hantu Laut

Malaysians in general and the Western media in particular would make a hero out of Anwar Ibrahim even if he is defiant of the law.

Is Anwar above the law or does he thinks he is above the law? Is he to be treated differently from other ordinary Malaysians? What makes he thinks he has immunity from being issued with an order to present himself at the police station for questioning? Are they not just excuses to provoke the police to arrest him so we Malaysians can make a hero out of him.

He is no Nehru,Ghandi or Mendela. If he had been selfless and as noble as those three gentlemen I would have great respect and sympathy for him, but he is not.His thirst for power has passed the threshold of decency, it's pure greed and self-glorification.

Many Malaysians still can't see through this man and where he is taking this country to.His dramatic and dreadful display of playing the victim to rile up his supporters into a frenzy has been his trade mark since his ABIM days.He has no respect for the democratic process, he glorifies demonstrations,intimidation and coercion as the right process to demolish an elected government.

The government may be corrupted,useless and led by a lame-duck prime minister but, what's the hell, the people had made their choice.

We have rightly or wrongly, put our fate in a government we chose and change if we had to, must be through the democratic process, unless Anwar Ibrahim sees it fit to start a rebellion against the government, which he is trying hard to do by arousing the sentiments of his supporters, to create civil disorder, which may and can lead to general chaos or even rioting.

Just go to any of the popular blogs in this country and see for yourself the kind of comments his supporters and blogs that support him make.He has become a cult figure to them. Any negative comment on Anwar would turn them into wild animals ready to jump on you and tear you to pieces.These are people who speaks about democracy and clean government but can only behaved in most uncivilised manner.It wouldn't be my wild imagination how scary it would be to put thousands of his diehard supporters on the streets.

Does Anwar cares whatever going to happen to this peaceful nation.I think he wouldn't give a damn as long as he can gain power, by hook or by crook.

Anwar's deleterious way will be his downfall again.

(3) NIAMAH!!!
Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What a f**ked up day!

Boy! Am I glad Monday is over. What a f**ked up day it was. Didn't you think so?First, an emergency motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his Cabinet was thrown out by the Speaker. Why? The motion was rejected by the Speaker due to the "wrong choice of words". Huh? Exactly. What the fuck does that mean? That was what was reported in The Star's online paper. But in a neighbouring country a news channel reported that it was due to a word or words being mis-spelt!!!


Meanwhile, Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar has issued an apology to the Malaysian public for the massive traffic jams caused by numerous road blocks mounted by the police which "were carried out in the interest of the public". And then, as if to kick us in the nuts just one more time, the minister said, "The public want their safety, not demonstrations or interference with their daily life." Interference with my daily life???!!! What the fuck do you call sitting in traffic for 2 and a half hours for what normally would be a 20 minute journey? I would call that a BIG interference with my daily life, wouldn't you?

Anyone who was caught in the grid-lock yesterday would have wanted to tell Syed Hamid to take his apology and shove it so far up his ass he'd choke. Instead of issuing apologies which mean nothing why didn't he deploy traffic policemen to assist the very people whom he claims do not want interference with their daily lives? Like stationing traffic policemen at all the major intersections in the city centre would have been a great help.

I am not a BN supporter. Neither am I am big fan of Anwar or the PKR. But can you fuckers stop talking to me like I'm a fucking retard? Thank you.


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