Tuesday 24 December 2013

Evolution Of Luis Suarez

Liverpool FC goal scoring phenom Luis Suarez seems to have evolved from a Hannibal Lecter wannabe into...

...this Suarez in whose mouth butter will not melt

Sunday 22 December 2013

Arrow And Partridges

Have been watching a downloaded TV series called "Arrow" lately:

A star in the series is one, Katie Cassidy which made me wonder about another Cassidy whom she slightly resembled; David Cassidy of popular 70s TV series, The Partridge Family. As it turns out, Katie Cassidy is the daughter. Back in the day, David Cassidy was a rave with teenage girls and a favorite pin-up boy. The following that Google found makes me feel real old!

David Cassidy:

Partridge Family Pilot (1970):

David Cassidy today:

Thursday 5 December 2013

Kari Ayam Sempalit...Try It

Kari Ayam Sempalit at Restoran Do Re Mi in Ara Damansara. Mild but spice infused curries for the fainthearted.

A post by Tiger Mike Naser (who did not mention the excellent 4 bottles of sauvignon blanc he brought that rainy afternoon) in the Edwardian Tigers eGroup:


Our Lunch spread ordered by Tiger Cheah 


The curries exposed for your geram.
Yesterday, 2nd Dec 2013, Tiger Cheah initiated a curry lunch at Do Re Mi Building @ Jln PJU 1A/20b, Dataran Ara Damansara, which has many excellent stalls. Tiger Cheah arrived early to book hard-to-get table near The Kari Ayam Sempalit.  The curries made by this stall were really outstanding. The secrets are held by the mother of En. Dinesh who manages the stall with efficiency. We could not get the recipes. Will try again.
I sincerely recommend this place if you need excellent curries. Car Parking is difficult. Please come early. Prices are very reasonable. Cold beers are available !!

TQ a mil to Tiger Cheah