Sunday, 29 November 2009

Happy 23rd Birthday Dear Krystyn

Krystyn turned 23 on the 27th of November and as she graduates in the next few months, this ushers in another phase in her life.

This birthday, Mummy chose not to leave any sure sign of her presence unlike the previous two (here and here). Krystyn told me Mummy said three years would be long enough; this is Krystyn's third birthday after Mummy's demise.

But as I look at the photos...she is everywhere. She is in Krystyn and JJ.


SkyHorse said...

Happy Birthday Krystyn! And JJ has a cool rocker look! Never imagined that...


KS Cheah said...

More importantly they are Mummy's kids, Sam. Wishing you the very best too as you start your family.