Saturday, 11 September 2010


These past three weeks saw milestones for Krystyn and JJ that would have made Jeannie proud. 21st August was Krystyn's UTAR Convocation where she received her Bachelor of Communication Degree and on 6th September, JJ started work as a trainee sound editor at Addaudio, arguably the most established, largest and best audio production company in Malaysia.

Jeannie had always looked forward to being at Krystyn's graduation and on 21st August, she was. I am sure Krystyn would have preferred Jeannie's physical presence at the convocation but it marvels me to observe the mother and daughter occasion playing out on a spiritual level from the day before, till the day after. Krystyn gives a new meaning to a Degree in Communication!  

Krystyn had always been Jeannie's pride and joy, not only as a daughter that she mentored but also as great friends, especially the last two years of Jeannie's life. There was just no way Jeannie would miss Krystyn's convocation!    

Sound freak, JJ had been at ICOM doing an audio production course and joining Addaudio has been a career defining opportunity for him. All the knowledge he acquired at ICOM and the passion in his heart would not be able to take him further without hands on working experience. Addaudio is the best place for him to cut his teeth. 

Jeannie and JJ. What can I say...the two are so similar in so many ways. She encouraged his interest in music and the two were often dueting on karaoke at home and outside. Jeannie was tough on JJ yet she cared for him the most. She brought him up to be a man and she would be proud that at 20 now he has the makings of a fine man. The values she taught him are intact.   

I would expect that Krystyn and JJ will really come into their own in the next couple of years. There will be more milestones as they progress forth and I know the values Mummy has ingrained in their hearts will remain their beacon.

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