Saturday, 11 September 2010

Nine Years After 9/11

My blogger friend Estrelita Soliano Grosse posted this on Facebook today, "watching the 9/11 commemorations. Sad. Solemn. Where were you that night?"

I commented: "On the computer at home till I saw it as breaking news on one of the news sites. Then turned on CNN on TV and began missing Jeannie who was on assignment in Hong Kong after turning down New York where she would have been at the Marriott next to the two towers!"

What I did not add was that Jeannie decided to quit her travels after 9/11 because she suddenly realized she missed the family too much and her flight cancellations in the subsequent global airlines panic made terrorism too close to home.

She later related that she had turned on the TV just in time to see the plane hit Tower 2 and thought to herself, "What a realistic movie!".

Why am I thinking of Jeannie today? Because 9/11 affected us All.

Postscript: Just read that the moron Pastor Terry Jones has called off his Quran burning plans. I was sure his threat to perpetuate the madness was a publicity stunt. He succeeded. 


SFGEMS said...

My dear Cheah,

Just only catching up with reading blogs. I know you told me to check it, but I just forgot until now.

Thanks for the link, buddy!

It's curious how anything can trigger vivid memories. I can see that you remember so clearly where you were and what you were doing.

I believe you think of Jeannie everyday and every moment. It just goes to show how special she was.

Thanks for sharing.


KS Cheah said...

Hi Lita,

Another tragedy that stands out in the memories of most Malaysians of our generation is 13th May 1969. I still remember that day eventhough I was 10 years old then. Please check out:

Happy Malaysia Day pal!