Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Takziah Al-Fatihah Rokiah

On the morning of 10th July, I received this sms from Ridhwan: "Rokiah passed on peacefully on 9.7.09 at 11.20PM. She has now found peace with God."

My heart really goes out to this family whom I met by chance and blogged about here, here, here, here and here.

The following is the sms exchange with Ridhwan through that day which is produced without permission:

"I am so sorry bro. Please take care of yourself. Was it bcos of the cancer or that she cud not recover her strength after (hospital)?"

"I don't think (surgeon) did a good job. She was admitted to hospital in JB bcos of a bleeding wound in the abdomen last Sun. In the end the cancer won."

"Bro, be at peace with yourself. We shud meet when you are ready."

"Sure, Cheah, we will meet."


"Bro, how are you holding up? I know ur only consolation is that Rokiah is no longer suffering emotional and physical pain."

"Yes, its been so taxing for her, a little for me, the last year. I'm at her condo in JB and its a very lonely place for me now."

"Bro, did the cancer spread?"

"Not sure but liver was definitely not doing well becos of jaundice and leg swelling"

"Superfluous to think anything now anyway. Lets meet. Take care."

Rest In Peace Rokiah.

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