Sunday, 7 December 2008

Ridhwan's Rokiah...the continued unfolding

Last Friday night I visited Ridhwan and Rokiah at his parents' home is SS2, PJ. It was the first time I met Rokiah again after meeting her at SunMed Hospital in October. Rokiah was in fine spirits and more importantly, she felt well! Theirs is a heart warming story of love, dedication and hope. I feel privileged to be allowed to observe at close quarters, their strength and resolve as Rokiah journeys back to optimum health.

The dilemma they faced after round one of the fast-track B17 protocol is resolving itself. The options now appear clearer. I am please to read in Ridhwan's blog the latest blood test results are encouraging. Do read:

Report Card-5.12.2008: No chemo, Cancer controlled

The Stats:

* 1 month 25 days since second discharge from hospital

* 1 month 18 days since 19-day B17 treatment

* It was time for another blood test. Since October 19, when the B17 protocol ended, Rokiah’s cancer has been managed by the following:

1. Transfer Factor Plus - high dosage, taken for 1 month (since 3.11.08)
2. Healing Qigong - started 21 days ago (since 15.11.08)
3. Juicing/other selected supplements
4. B17, only the pill form, for 6 days prior to blood test (since 26.11.08)

The Blood Test Results

- Cancer markers maintained or reduced, some significantly, indicating cancer is being controlled.

- Other areas, especially liver function, show normal readings.

- Overall, a more promising result than previous blood test on October 20, 2008.

- In the meantime, energy level has improved significantly, appetite and ability to sleep at night (both problems previously) have also improved.

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