Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Beauty Pageant Saudi Style.

Saw this on Facebook. Pun intended. 

However, I think we should not be so quick to condemn this even though a cattle show remains a cattle show if we go by women's dignity alone. 

As they say, beauty lies in the "eyes" of the beholder i.e. it is a matter of perception. In the case of the Miss Saudi contest, lets try this; take each of our 5 senses in turn starting with "Sight". Since the contestants are all "wrapped up" there is nothing much for the eyes feast on nor to differentiate (except the eyes per se of course). 

"Touch" is taboo so that too is out! 

What about "Smell" then? Since it is not a perfume brand contest, what can the judges be smelling? You go figure but I hardly think Smell is a criteria. 

"Taste"? Well, I cannot imagine! 

That leaves, "Aural" sense. Well maybe this is what the contestants are judged on. If this be the case, I wonder whether it is form or substance that is more important? Furthermore, if "Aural" sense is the main criteria, then contestants should merely be required to submit sound files of their voices! 

In the final analysis, I think it is the "Sixth Sense" that is primary to the judges. How else can divine intervention be brought in to decide the winners? Hmmm...the Devil made them participate but God decided the winner! Can't imagine I just spent the last 10 minutes writing the load of crap above that you spent time reading! LOL!!!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Karpal Singh - Icon

All things said...

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Luis Suarez - Icon

In August 2011, I posted this about Luis Suarez. Look at Suarez today and the defensive leaks are still there:

Luis Suarez will become Liverpool's greatest ever striker if he fires them to the title, says Steve McManaman
Uruguay star can surpass legendary names such as Robbie Fowler, Kenny Dalglish and Ian Rush if he scores the goals that ends their 24-year wait for the English title
PUBLISHED 26 MARCH 2014 12:46 PM

Luis Suarez will become Liverpool’s greatest ever striker if he fires them to the Premier League title, according to Anfield icon Steve McManaman.

Suarez’s hat-trick in Saturday’s 6-3 win at Cardiff City took his tally to 28 goals in 25 league games this season, equalling Robbie Fowler’s Premier League-era record for the club with eight matches remaining.

And McManaman claimed the Uruguay star can surpass legendary names such as Fowler, Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush and Roger Hunt in the pantheon of Liverpool greats if he scores the goals that ends their 24-year wait for the English title.

Liverpool go into Wednesday night’s home game with Sunderland four points behind leaders Chelsea with a game in hand and the form of Suarez will be crucial to their hopes of closing that gap.

He is also only six goals shy of Andy Cole and Alan Shearer’s record of 34 for a Premier League season, despite missing the opening five games of the campaign through suspension.

Speaking ahead of the Laureus World Sports Awards in Kuala Lumpur, McManaman said: “Suarez? Better than the ‘Growler’ [Fowler]. He’s going to break his record.

“He missed the first five games of the season and that suggests he will go down in Liverpool history.

“If he takes them to the league title, everybody will say he is the greatest centre-forward ever.

“Liverpool have been blessed with some centre-forwards haven’t they?

“You quickly forget because we live in the present, but the fact you are even talking about Suarez – after just a couple of years at the club – in the same breath as Robbie or Rushie or Kenny and whoever else shows how much he has learnt at Liverpool and how much he has improved.

“He had a great year last year and he has gone and bettered it despite playing fewer games."

Suarez tried to force through a move to Arsenal last summer but was ultimately convinced to stay and sign a new contract.

His form could spark renewed interest from some of Europe’s biggest clubs but McManaman said: “I think he will stay anyway as he has just signed a new contract.

“Listen, it is important for superstars to play in the Champions League every week, that is the over-riding factor. You want to test yourself against the best players.

“Liverpool are on the right track. If they suddenly finished sixth there would be question marks but if they win the league or qualify for the Champions League, I don’t think there will be any assumption about whether he stays or goes.

“I think he will stay and it will be up to Liverpool to decide if they want to sell him rather than the other way round.”


MH370. Watching things pan out since the plane went missing on 8th March, one thing stands out; prayer. Every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to be praying. Started with praying for the safety of crew/passengers lah (the pilot and co-pilot were excluded for a while), for their families lah, then for the souls of the crew/passengers lah, now for the safety of the Search & Rescue guys lah, and maybe later for the journalists lah, blah, blah, blah. There is so much outpouring of compassion and commiseration it seems almost unreal; even got some atheists praying.

Mind you, Tom, Dick and Harry on a normal day will not spare a thought even for worse on-going human tragedies globally of which the list is long and well known. Now, because of social media and a sensational occurrence involving a couple of hundred victims, Tom, Dick and Harry are falling over themselves to publicly show how much each cares. I wonder if most are motivated more by personal gratification or for grandstanding rather than genuine caring. I wonder if we put a price to the show in say, Facebook by imposing just RM20 per MH370 prayer message, we would get the kind of numbers?

For one who knows what it is like to grieve, my comment is made not in schadenfreude for MH370 victims and their families but for the stench of hypocrisy that pervades.