Saturday, 31 January 2009

Ridhwan's Rokiah; Taking Stock

My friend Ridhwan had been rather quiet about his wife, Rokiah's condition the last few weeks. I did not want to intrude and left them to their privacy after the second B17 protocol which was aborted for specific reasons. Today I noticed Ridhwan's latest post dated 30th January, 2009 entitled 2nd Report Card; I am heartened. Please read:

2nd Report Card - 21.1.2009
January 30, 2009 by randolph

So far:
B17, twice, Oct 08 1-19, Dec 08 11-26 (aborted after 16 days)
Transfer Factor Plus, Nov 08/Jan 09
Cellfood, started Jan 6, 2009
Carnivora/DMSO/Lymph Drainage/Lamonica, started Jan 19, 2009 + combination of Vit C, E, Selenium, others

Blood Test Results:

Overall CEA count:
Oct 20, 08: 1850
Dec 05, 08: 1156
Jan 21, 09: 493

Alpha Fetoprotein reading (remember - its mets to the liver):
Oct 20, 08: 7.3
Dec 05, 08: 3.9
Jan 21, 09: 6

CA-199 count:
High, being managed

CA-125 count:
Oct 20, 08: 204
Dec 05, 08: 157
Jan 21, 09: 109

Cancer not only being controlled, but overall, cancer has reduced. The latest CEA count of 493 suggests that the count has dropped more than 100% since the last blood test, a good sign by any means. As always, there’s still a battle ahead, and we will fight the good fight with renewed hope and energy.


Anonymous said...

Hello Cheah. We appreciate that you take the time to keep your blog updated on Rokiah's progress. Yes, we have had some positive news through the latest blood test, but I know only too well that in cancer cases like Rokiah's, it only takes a moment's notice for things to suddenly take a bad turn. This has happened a few times in the months since September 2008, and there were two occasions when I thought I had lost Rokiah. I am grateful to God that she pulled through both times.

Many things have helped her, including the many prayers from many people with diverse religious leanings. B17 has helped tremendously, and we have to thank you for connecting us to Syed Putra, who brought to us the B17 protocol.

Wishing you and your family a healthy 2009.


KS Cheah said...

Dear Ridhwan,

I am glad to have met you and Rokiah and for the opportunity to observe unwavering positive spirit that you both possess in abundance.

My role in introducing is a minor one yet it invariably puts me in a very difficult position if somehow things do not go as expected/hoped, no matter how honorable my intentions.

What saddens me are the unwarranted accusations of charlatanism and exploitation that people tend to throw when they think they are in a corner.

I have watched with great admiration how you have taken the B17 protocol in your stride and even supplemented the protocol with compatible inputs through your thorough research. Most of all it is your refusal to look for and depend on miracles even when medical doctors have proclaimed so, that sets you positively apart from most hope seekers. I wish you and Rokiah well.

C'est la vie...