Friday, 28 November 2008

Another Year, Another Birthday; Krystyn's 22nd

It just seems as though we just celebrated Krystyn's 21st birthday but a year had flown by; yesterday was Krystyn's 22nd birthday. Dinner had to be at Mid-Valley Tony Roma's for one of the reasons why Krystyn and JJ are so close but, HRH Prince Cheah's presence had to be sacrificed. Rites of passage and life's lessons; I think this time around it's "sacrifice and paying a price" 101.

Saiful and Hui Sin were with us and Mummy must have been around; at least I would like to think so. As with last year, the bill again seems to show her presence. Service at Tony Roma's was great as epitomized by Jane and when she presented me the bill of RM260.00 I do not know why I just left a tip of RM10.00 instead of more. Well, maybe I am a cheapskate but RM260.00 plus RM10.00 made the total dinner expense RM270.00; Mummy's magical number 27 again!

Saiful made the birthday cake-a delectable Almond Gataeu and that made a difference in Krystyn's birthday this year.

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