Friday, 17 January 2014

A Cook In...

Today, 17th January 2014 is Thaipusam Day. Rather than to join Hindu devotees thronging the streets, staying in was the best way to avoid the traffic jam. It was also a good time to cook. 

JJ did a shoulder pork roast and Krystyn, fusion (the tinge of curry powder added the local flavor) cauliflower and broccoli soup. 

No need to buy kangkung. A plate of kangkung belacan these days would be about RM13.00. As it were, our meal today costed us under RM50.00; the pork costing about RM38.00 for 2.4 kg and cauliflower/broccoli less than RM10.00. Eating out for a meal like this would definitely cost more without the fun of cooking. We could not even finish the roast.

2.4 kg pork shoulder 

Scored to obtain greater surface area


Ingredients for soup

Pork a roasting and soup a boiling

Home brewed chrysanthemum tea 

Just perfect! Nice crackle outside and cooked medium inside



Soup with broccoli chunks and Prince Cheah (as usual)

English mustard for pork and salted butter for rolls

Dessert - vanilla ice cream 

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