Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Next Generation

I will be 55 in a few days. A watershed that in the preceding years I had often wondered what my children will be. They have grown and Jeannie would have been proud. 

Krystyn Cheah, who is Mummy's girl and Papa's daughter; a potent combination to add to her inborn gifts. She has always had to be mature beyond her years. 

The paradox that is J.J. Cheah - behind that clownish disposition, lies a serious, sensitive and determined young man who will be a better man than his father.

Prince Cheah is a gift to us in so many ways. Transcending generations in the manner that only he can. He means different things to each because each of us means different things to him. 

I need no longer wonder.

Krystyn Cheah the big sister

Cheah Jie Juan...the only male Cheah offspring in the line

Prince Cheah...he transcends generations

The Cheahs - Once Upon A Time In China

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