Sunday 3 July 2011

Boring Transformers 3 And Transformations.

Watched Transformers 3 at Pavilion with Krystyn while JJ was attending a colleague's wedding reception at Corus Hotel nearby. The show was boring and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is no Megan Fox; by far actually.

Anyway, while the Transformers were transforming on the big screen, JJ was having his own transformation at the dinner. Whether it was a company tradition that they get the newest/youngest staff member pissed drunk as a "Christening" or JJ's own foolhardiness, there was no excuse for him to go way beyond his limit. JJ's colleague answered when I called JJ's phone after the movie. He said that JJ had passed out at the restaurant after too much drink.

We had already warned JJ that he may be forced to drink in good fun by his colleagues but he was not supposed to be manipulated by whomever, whatever the circumstances to drink more than he can.

Concern transformed to anger when I saw JJ lying prostrate on four chairs arranged in a row…dead to the world. Which father would want to see his son in that condition? A few of his male colleagues were standing around him trying to offer me some explanation and assurance that they would have sent him home regardless. A no brainer; an unwritten rule which is a given when drinking amongst friends. Conscience following complicity perhaps? Whatever!

There were also some ladies who were generally quiet, and positioned at the fringe. Maybe they knew more than what their male counterparts were letting on?

I was quite sure JJ was just drunk and not suffering from an overdose of, or dangerous allergic reaction to alcohol. He would be ok after a good sleep but this must become a life lesson for him. He had failed to heed a lesson that he must never allow himself to be coerced or intimidated by anyone to drink more that he can drink. If he did, then whatever the consequences, the blame was his and his alone. At occasions like Chinese weddings and such, drinking upmanship is common but a line is drawn at physically forcing someone to drink. Then it may even be deemed criminal.

Anyway, JJ managed stand up and with help from some of his colleagues, got to the hotel foyer where Krystyn was parked at the driveway.

I will know from JJ what exactly happened but it is not difficult to guess from what I already know. At the time of this writing, JJ is still asleep at home on the couch downstairs. For JJ, the episode will be considered part of his rites of passage. Not being able to drink is no crime and we all have our shortcomings. How else to explain when one can transform from:


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