Wednesday, 1 September 2010

That Anarchist Namewee Again!

Too much has been written about this little prick who is essentially a publicity hound. I found his previous clip on TNB revolting and attracted quite some flak from certain Muarians (residents of Muar) when I blogged about it.

Don't get me wrong, I am against racism as he says he is, but he could have applied his obvious creativity in a less vulgarly controversial but perhaps more effective way. By this I mean, he could have chosen to write a rap song as coming from the young, impressional students of Siti Inshah. The lyrics could say, depict them asking their headmistress whom they respect why she let them down? What is really in her heart? What should they learn from her? What kind of adults does she want them to become? What is 1Malaysia then? Something like this would certainly tug at the heartstrings of and resonate better with more Malaysians than his profane clip.

He posted his clip on You Tube and that made it public. I went through his clip again:

What did he seek to achieve? Was he just venting or was he trying to incite? One thing is for sure though, he was seeking attention but was he being racist? Many people do not think so but I beg to differ.

Racism is also about stereotyping and profiling. Namewee also showed himself to be a racist by just one line in his clip. See below:

"Siapa buat Malaysia kaya?" Does he mean only the Chinese made Malaysia rich? Or does he imply the Malays (and others) count for nothing in adding to the nation's economy? Namewee, your arse is showing and it is on the line. I hope it gets whipped!

And congratulations! You have effectively directed the Siti Inshah racial slur limelight directly to your sorry arse and away from the main issue; what made her do what she is alleged to have done? How many are talking about what Siti Inshah is alleged to have said now? You selfish dumb ass!


Unknown said...

Dear KS Cheah

You are a very brave man to write what you wrote! Not many would do what you did.

Thank you for being honest in speaking up what is in your heart and defining the parameters of the issue at stake.

God bless you and yours always!


KS Cheah said...

Hi MWS, I was merely calling what I thought to be a spade; a spade. Maybe will need to use it to fend off angry Namewee supporters later. Hahaha!!! Take care.


Anonymous said...

Credit to you..a good citizen thinker ...

Anonymous said...

you just try to take credits of other ppl effort....that what i think.