Monday, 23 November 2009

The Anarchist Named Namewee

This You Tube video by the infamous Namewee is shitty. The fat piece of shit does not even know the difference between an outage due to scheduled shutdown and an unexpected breakdown. In any case the prick needs to be taught a lesson for his crude and rude behaviour.

He blames TNB for interrupting his songwriting and his brother's preparation for an exam the following day. It appears the shithead thinks he is a celebrity.

Kudos to the TNB staff in the video for their politeness and for resisting the temptation of throwing the sack of shit out the window.

See for yourself his thuggish behaviour. His own video should be evidence enough to take him in for disturbing the peace.


Ken Wooi said...

well.. one thing.. he's brave.. and blunt.. =)

KS Cheah said...

I would call that bravado and arrogance more than bravery and bluntness.

theeggyolks said...

I guess someone will teach him a lesson someday (if he continues these nonsenses) :P

sick and tired said...

I do not believe you understand the torment he and many others have to go through in Muar. The area I live in constantly plagued inconsistent water and electricity supplies. In these two years we went through AT LEAST 8 blackouts each lasting a minimum of 3.5 hours. All these blackouts happened on weekdays during the night when we were in the midst of getting ourselves and our kids ready for the next school day. This last blackout in which Namewee fucked TNB happened the night before my kids were to sit for their exam the next day. Electricity supply was not restored until 1.30am the next day. This does not take into account the numerous short interruptions in the electricity supply which lasted from a few minutes to an hour. In other words on average we get fucked by TNB at least twice a month.

So, Namewee is a fat piece of shit for fucking TNB. You however is an insensitive piece of motherfucking shit for not even bothering to find out what triggered his rage against the TNB in the first place. If you bothered to check the Muar area is one of the areas in which BN lost badly in the last GE. In 2006 we went through 7 days without water during the floods. With the exception of a few miserable tankers a day plying a few housing area, Muarians were largely left to fend for themselves. The bastard Syarikat Air Johor fuckers were going around in vans with loudspeakers telling desperate Muarians that dismantling the main pipes in search of water is an offense. Well we told them to fuck off then in the same way Namewee told the TNB bastard they are fucking useless. Until today the water supply gets cut off for a few hours 1-2 times a month.
Now we have to live with constant interruptions in the electricity supply. Consistent interruptions in the electricity supply points to a systemic problem in the way the electricity is supplied or the lack of maintenance.

to theeggyolks,

If you have the balls come to Muar and teach him a lesson yourself.

'Guen Lang Par GE GE Tan Le' or any of those TNB or SAJ bastards for that matter.

Jie Juan said...

To sick and tired:

I believe that not everybody is like you 'sick and tired'. To me, what Namewee did was absurd during the time when he went to the TNB office. People in there were already being nice to him and were willing to explain the blackout issue to him and still, he wants to screw them up. You think Malaysia revolves only on Muar's problem? You better be lucky that this is not Iraq, otherwise, you'll be long gone.

You're behind the blinds and could not see that (if you're Chinese) people like Namewee are already giving the Chinese a bad name. Would you claim that what he did, was the proper way to behave with the staff there when it is not much of a 'life and death situation'? What more do you want? Namewee to pour red paint at TNB's station is it? Stupid!

You asking people whether they have the balls to go to Muar and teach Namewee a lesson? I think you are 'Dulan' for the reason that you are 'Bolan' to face up to TNB and do what Namewee did in HIS video. Lets see whether you're brave enough to do things as stupid as to what he did to them. You 'Bolan'.

KS Cheah said...

Thanks for your comment, "sick and tired".

My post was not about the constant electricity supply interruption per se, of which I do emphatize with you and all Muarians.

What I do not like is the way Namewee behaved and the crude content of his video. Two wrongs do not make one right. His is the kind of behaviour that draws unwanted responses that will ultimately benefit no one.

I suspect his shithead behaviour was concerted and his intention in video recording was to ultimately post on You Tube.

Muarians cannot be blamed for voting for the Opposition nor should they be penalized, but in a BN stronghold like Johor, Muarians can continue to vote opposition for all BN cares. I dare say things would be different if Muar is in Perak.

Well, the bottomline is Muarians will continue to "enjoy" lower electricity bills because of outages and Namewee's publicity stunt will definitely not improve matters for Muar. This is the reason for my post.


sick and tired said...

Hei Jie Juan,

We have tried every 'official' means to straighten out our water and electricity problem. So far TNB has done fuck all to help us. As for SAJ they have managed to reduce the frequency of water supply interruptions a little after much blood, sweat and tears. Literally speaking.

As for the bolan part, why don't you come and teach us a lesson for 'shaming' the Chinese. You son of a bitch. You do not know the number of times I have been to the TNB office to give them a piece of my mind, do you? I do not know how old you are but one day you will learn that as far as the GLCs are concerned NOTHING about the services provided by them are above board. You are right if Malaysia had been Iraq the circumstances would be different. Running dogs bastards like you would not survive for long. Like I said come to Muar announce your arrival and let's do it. Stupid bastard.

KS Cheah said...

Hi "sick and tired", sometimes what we see as the right action may not be the best one. By venting, ranting and raving at TNB (district level) you will only risk bursting a vessel and lights out for you. The TNB officers/managers you unload on do not feel your angst.

Why not make it a "nationwide issue"? Muar can do the whole nation a favour by doing the following:

If things are as bad as you say it is, I am sure you can gather enough support from Muarians of all races to institute a class action against TNB. Find out what the national average stats for outages is and compare with the Muar experience. You may be surprised to find that you guys are over-reacting or otherwise you will find how much worse off is Muar in comparison. If in the case of the latter, sue TNB with the intention of mutually agreeing on a KPI with TNB. If TNB under-performs, then it pays compensation via agreed discount levels in the electricity bills. Make it costly for TNB to make mistakes.

Your shouting, cursing, etc. at the TNB small frys is not fooling anyone. It is an act of self-gratification and does nothing to solve your grouse. Shiok sendiri sahaja...just like Namewee.


resident.wangsamaju said...

Namewee scores top points for creating awareness of the issue. Anyway we can't change him but we must change TNB.

cherasusie said...

kc cheah,

i don't know what u are driving at....or trying to prove.

why don't you suggest something "constructive" if u are so righteous.

it depends on which side of the river u stand...

for a rich bugger, no matter how the country is being plunddered, it doesn't affect him...much..i would say.

when u are constantly belittled, constantly prejudiced... one will explode, some day.

the government should read this, infact all the people living in comfort and receiving goodies should be aware.......u are the ones
that breed disaster for the country.

for god sake, wake up!!!!

namewee, tks for demonstrating to the powerful what i dare not...

as many see u as anti this anti that but u are showing just how inert and stupefied we malaysian have become.

wish u luck and god save malaysia.


KS Cheah said...


It appears you do not read very well and therefore I would not waste words on you. Please remain "inert and stupefied".

As I said; "Two wrongs do not make one right".


cherasusie said...

hey, cheah guy,

i don't think it is wrong to alarm the mentality of those useless people like tnb and probably u....its not 2 wrongs.

u are reasoning like the ultra corrupt politicians and officials of the day, that we have to deal with, day in day out...

going by your way, toppling of marcos and suharto was and is a big historical sins.........

£$&*'#, go on carry balls, doggie

don't bother to waste your time on me, just shut up.

no cheers!

KS Cheah said...

Spoken and behavior like a true Namewee wannabe...even idiots have their sincere admirers. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. ;o)