Monday, 13 September 2010

Be Careful Who You Call

A few months ago, we ordered pizza from Canadian Pizza. Being regular customers our contact information was on their database system.

I usually try to use such occasions to show Krystyn and JJ ways to handle telephone conversations with customer service personnel at the other end of the phoneline. To cut the story short, the person on the other end showed attitude and I put him in his place (without fuss nor profanities).

Fast forward almost the same number of months, on one Sunday I received 3 anonymous phonecalls at 4.00 am. The phone calls were obscene and the person threatened to kill me and all that shit. I merely laughed at him and he said he knew where I stay, etc. I was laughing because his mobile number was showing on my phone.

At 3.00 pm the same day I lodged a police report at the nearest station. The Investigating Officer happened to be from King Edward VII School Taiping! My alma mater too!. It was not the culprit's lucky day. He had picked the wrong guy to threaten!

By about 11.30 pm the same day, the culprit was already roped into the balai. Who says the PDRM is not doing its job? The offence is punishable with 3-7 years jail. It turned out to be the Canadian Pizza guy a few months back! He had carried a grudge for that long and he said he was drunk when he called!

Two questions; (1) What does that make Canadian Pizza? (2) What do I do with the culprit (who is 26 years old); send him to jail for 3 years?

It suffices to say the culprit did not have a good two weeks until I decided what to do with him. I believe he learnt his lesson so I sent him to his temple to make 2 vows: (1) Never to repeat such stupidity and (2) Since he was to get married the following year; vow to be good to his wife and kids. I dropped the complaint.

What about Canadian Pizza? Well, what about Canadian Pizza.

Once upon a time tough guy

"Tough guy" begging for mercy


Randolph said...

You have my support. Such people should be put in their place, and that place is the balai polis.

KS Cheah said...

Bro, I gave him a choice of me dropping charges and letting his father and elder brother know what he did. That was when he started begging (in the picture). Apparently, he feared his father and brother more than the law.

He was pathetic and I believe you too would have let him go. I certainly felt good about not taking the matter the whole distance and whether he actually made the vows at his temple was not my concern.