Monday, 12 July 2010

Three Years

We were on the way to drop JJ off at Bangsar yesterday  evening; his friends had invited him to join them as waiters for the World Cup Final Street Party on Jalan Telawi 3. JJ seems to have so many friends...not really surprising as he is his Mummy's son. 

I mentioned that today (12th July) would be exactly 3 years since Mummy passed away and JJ remembered. The date however, had completely slipped Krystyn's mind and she remarked that it was no wonder the numbers "27" and "12" kept cropping up in her thoughts the last few days. She was wondering why number "12". I concluded it was probably her subconscious mind reminding her but her oversight is not really surprising. Mummy still communicates with and appears to her! Mother and daughter continue to share the strong bond which transcends that apparent finality called death.

Krystyn has always been "receptive" or what some may refer to as being psychic. At 23 now, those who know this 'no-nonsense" young lady will testify to her level headedness. Her natural cynicism is a failsafe that averts self-delusion and characteristic auto-suggestions. Nevertheless, there has been just too much collaborating evidence. It was therefore not unexpected when Krystyn first saw Mummy's spirit on 14th July 2007. That night, Jeannie was lying on Krystyn's bed like many nights in the past. Mother and daughter used to chat that way with Krystyn at her desk doing assignments. Krystyn is comforted since Mummy looked peaceful just lying there in her pyjamas.

That was about three years ago and they still routinely communicate. Whoever reads this can think whatever, however! My thoughts are that it must be a wondrous experience for Krystyn. I cannot even begin to imagine what goes on in her mind and heart of hearts. Coupled with her exposure to New Age concepts and the works of Michael Newton, I believe she is well equipped to take things in the right perspective which I dare say, includes a total shutout of religiosity. 

Driving home just now, we discussed about what Mummy uncannily said before she passed on. Mummy had said the most we should mourn her is three years! 

Well Darling, today marks the third year. We have stopped mourning for some time now but we must always remember. These days, thoughts and conversations of you are accompanied by smiles and sometimes laughter when we recall how you would have reacted when we find ourselves in familiar situations. Darling, it is a great comfort knowing what we know and that it is okay to move on in our incarnate lives.


Randolph said...

Cheah, I fully understand what you are saying. Sometimes, I too wish to have Krystyn's ability.

July 9 and 12 are only 3 days apart, come to think of it...

KS Cheah said...


I am one of those who "see and feel" nothing of the sort. That makes it easier to question and to always look for evidence. However, I do have my own conceptual framework about what I believe to be the nature of things. In a way, I am not unlike the religious who largely base their beliefs on faith.

Yup! The 9th and 12th of July are only three days apart as linear time goes. The second week of July will always hold great significance for us both bro.