Thursday, 1 April 2010

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

De-facto law minister (by the way, why must it be that our law ministers are always de-facto?), Nazri Aziz has come out and accused Ibrahim Ali's Perkasa of being opportunists. He based this on Perkasa's objection to the NEM, Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) as being unconstitutional. Please read this Malaysian Insider article first.

Me thinks both are talking and thinking cock. How to have equal opportunity when some are always more equal than others? Both loose cannons are singing cover versions of the same song and targeting the same Bumiputra audience. Both end up with a winning hand when it comes to Bumi perception.  

It is just like Muhyiddin "I am Malay first and Malaysian second" Yassin playing off Najib "1Malaysia" Tun Razak when it comes to playing to the Malay proletariat.  

My take is that they should both cut the cackles because the only way to have a level playing field in equal opportunity is to have meritocracy driven equal opportunity for ALL Malaysians and affirmative action based on class rather than so-called race. Teach Malaysians to fish and give them equal opportunity at the fish pond. By sheer weight of numbers, our Malay brethren will catch more fish than the rest.

Hidup Bangsa Malaysia!!!

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