Thursday, 1 April 2010

Need More Be Said?

Many years ago, I think it was in the late 80s I met Ibrahim Ali when he came to my office on the 27th floor of Menara Promet to buy a motor policy for his new BMW 7-series. I don't not remember why he came to an insurance broker to buy motor insurance instead of an agent. That is not normal but then again, neither is Ibrahim Ali.

He already had a reputation then as a shit-stirrer and that was slightly more than 20 years ago. I suppose one could say he is a career shit-stirrer and in politics there is always use for people of his ilk-especially in psy-war. Ask his most regular customer, the good doctor himself; the mind-bending specialist Tun Mahathir.

Although he does not speak English very well, I must say he does age watch this Al Jazeera news clip:

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