Monday, 1 February 2010

My Friend CK

CK has pancreatic cancer and for the last two years he has been giving his all to beat this particularly aggressive adversary.

As a rational and intelligent man, he has mapped his battle strategy well and his treatment regime had been well thought out. I dare say he has even been able to transmutate the understandably high emotional energy towards combating what he calls "those mutants" in his body.

Today I visited CK for the first time since he returned from China a few weeks ago after undergoing cryo-surgery. He had just been discharged from Pantai Medical Centre after being warded a few days for dehydration.

The CK I met today appeared a happy man. He is a contented man and he is a man who has found spiritual peace through deep spiritual experience. Today, I went to his house at his invitation and I knew CK wanted to share his thoughts. CK, I hear you brother!

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