Monday, 22 February 2010

"Camping" At Sham's Place; 19th To 21st February 2010

Last weekend Tiger-Putera Col. Mike Naser invited Tiger KC Heah, Tiger Harjit and me to an Old-Putera (ex-Royal Military College) gathering in Ulu Langat. The location turned out to be a fish farm owned by OP Major Shamsul and the occasion, a joint birthday celebration for OPs Mike, Shamsul, Maniam and Joe Fernandez. As they say, old soldiers do not die; they only fade away...well, these old soldiers certainly know how to fade away gloriously and in style!

It was a memorable 3 days of great camaraderie and even more facinating conversations, wonderful food and excessive drink, and the warmest of hospitality. Major Shamsul and his wife Annie are brilliant hosts and we lacked for nothing!

To think that I was prepared for two nights of mosquitoes and normal camping conditions! The only things "camping" were the collapsible camp-beds! The following photos (click on them for enlarged view) which do not include photos of the chicken rice lunch on the 20th, tell the story:

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