Sunday, 6 September 2009

A Countdown It Was

I was clearing up some stuff from boxes which we shifted in from Bukit Antarabangsa. From among some of Jeannie's papers I found this. It was the original copy of the letter she read out at our 17th wedding anniversary party at COBRA in February, 2003. The years we had left together could not be more than the years we had thus far but I did not expect the finality to come so soon. 


Unknown said...

Wow...You and Jeannie looked so deliriously happy together...I will be celebrating my 27th wedding anniversary soon...and have been together with my husband for 33.5 years for we started dating when we were in school!!! That is a long time..and I truly cannot imagine a life sans him.


I think I might not survive the loss :-( and often pray that i will be the one to go first...Sighs...

Thank you for being an inspiration and a model of inner strength.

The love that you shared with Jeannie is truly an exquisite one!!!

God bless you and may Jeannie rest in peace and in your love always.


KS Cheah said...

Dear MWS,

You are both indeed blessed to have found each other early. The years are never too long when you have found bliss as soulmates.

Ironically for Jeannie and I, we used to agree that we probably would not have liked each other let alone fallen in love if we had met in our teens.

Obviously, we too visited the question of who would go first and Jeannie was so certain it would be she. Though I never did mention it, my thoughts were that if either of us would die young then I would prefer it be she. I now know the severe pain and anguish, and I would never wish it upon her.

But MWS, wonder not how you will cope because a soulmate will still give your life great meaning, even in death.

My humble thoughts: