Friday, 29 May 2009

A R&R Interlude

I followed a good buddy up north. Being a director in a large corporation, he was going to visit a factory within the group in Perlis. The long drive was a good opportunity to catch up on things since we hardly ever meet in KL. It was also an opportunity to hop over the Thai border for a couple of days temporary environment, not for the "obvious attractions" that prompted my abangs Hamdan and Sofian to joke that I "do one" on their behalf!

The town is called Dannok and it is literally a stone's throw away from the border immigration check-point. I am here for the different cuisine, foot and body massages, fresh fruits and catching up on reading and much needed sleep (and sleep I did, even during the drive up)! More so, it was a bit of R & R before an anticipated hectic next few months implementing a long overdue project.


bayi said...

No pics of massage parlours? :)

bayi said...

Free wi-fi in Dannok? That's better than some of the hotels in KL!

KS Cheah said...

Hi BH, too many pictures of too many massage parlours to choose from ;o)

WiFi...I suppose only idiots like me bring laptop to "Sin City"... :o)