Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Kejor! Yeop Kejor!!!

The ding donging situation of the 2MB fiasco is going through accelerated due process in the Malaysia legal system and as expected, Mahatma Mandela Zambry got the "stay of execution" of the High Court order from the Appeals Court. What this means is spelt out rather clearly in Screenshots today. A one-man panel (instead of the usual three) presided by newly minted Appeal Court Judge, Ramly Mohd Ali decided on the stay and Nizar can of course appeal for a full complement of three judges. After that there is another level of appeal available i.e. the Federal Court.

At every level there are judges who as fallible human beings also stand to be judged by the court of people's opinion. That being the case, why waste time and "due process"? Let the people of Perak who will be the biggest beneficiaries or the biggest losers whichever the case may be, be the judge? Cut to the chase! Over to you Bukit Chandan! Do not be tempted to give a new flavor to the term "Guided Democracy"; the Rakyat already faces too much "guidance" from a succession of PMs and we do not need Royalty to get in on the game!

Do the decent thing! Leave it to Yeop!

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