Monday 15 September 2008

The Sound Of Silence

Hush! Listen! Do you hear it? I can sense it in my bones; I can smell it in the air; I can feel it on the ground; I can hear it in the silence.

The ISA Fiasco has been on since Friday and nothing much can be said that has not already been said. Government point-man Syed Hamid has said more than most of us want to hear. Borrowing a line from Forrest Gump, "Stupid is as stupid does..." and for the life of me I do not think Syed Hamid is a stupid man. He may not be as smart as he should be but certainly he is not stupid. But why is he appearing so by saying what he is saying about the ISA arrests?

I think the loud silence from both the PM and the DPM since Friday, speaks the loudest and says the most! Well, maybe the DPM has said enough last week but certainly the Preacher Man has something to say, however scripted it may be. I am beginning to wonder whether he actually knew about the impending ISA arrests. Could it be possible he did not know? After all we are seeing the tail being pinned on the police donkey.

Could it be that the "management without managing" style of his that has left many asking whether the country is indeed on auto-pilot, is finally catching up with reality? Could it be that the right hand only knows too late what the left hand is doing? Who is advising the Preacher Man now? Are we about to witness history in the making when he finally breaks his silence? It takes a strong (or clueless) man to withstand the heat he must be feeling now. Will he pack it in?

The vibrations in UMNO appear reaching the inflexion point where the reverberation will finally cause change within. Too little too late perhaps...but will we finally have it merely being an entirely a UMNO family matter that does not affect the whole nation? I see hope for them; they are learning...sometimes passive is good.

I can sense it in my bones; I can smell it in the air; I can feel it on the ground; I can hear it in the silence...

Candlelight vigil at Bloghouse last night

Sometimes passive is good...

A good (and passive) crowd braved the drizzle and showed up at Bloghouse last night for a candlelight vigil in appeal for the release of not only RPK, Teresa, the Hindraf 5 but all others under ISA detention.

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