Monday, 23 June 2008

J.J. is 18 today

J.J. turns 18 today and this is another first in 18 years we do not have Mummy around physically to celebrate with J.J.

The whole family had been looking forward to J.J.'s. 18th birthday. It was to mark a watershed in J.J.'s life; the family had for so long been thinking of it as the
"coming of age" of our youngest. For one, it would be when J.J. is allowed to have his first drink (cigarettes are out) and I would be the one to buy him that.

Today, at 18 he "officially" takes the next steps towards preparing for adulthood at 21. I will buy him his first beer in his first drinking session this weekend perhaps, and though 18 is just a number
as J.J. himself puts it, he knows it marks the beginning of a new phase in his life.

Mummy may not be here but she is everywhere. Her immortal love permeates. She is in the values that she so carefully nurtured in J.J. and she will be at his birthdays to come. She will always be a gentle reminder and the constant inspiration that guides J.J. as he goes forth on his own life's journey. (Photos to follow)

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Kaye Ridzuan said...

hello papa,

sorry i haven't upload jj's bday pictures to my laptop. I will do it over this weekend ok.