Saturday, 8 December 2007

Of Born Idiots and Self-Creations (Conclusion)

This concludes the chapter and closes the subject.

I finally met Dato' David Kong Hon Kong yesterday. He is an amiable guy and obviously a man on top of his game. He promised to do the necessary changes to spare other grieving families the type of embarassment caused by Jeffrey Chee. He also said he would be removing sales agents from the columbarium. I have no reason to doubt he would do exactly as he said.

As for My Darling Jeannie, yet again more good has resulted from something bad. Rest in Peace My Love.


It has been 18 days since Jeannie's passing and she continues to affect the lives of some who knew her. I am sure most have been positive but this one does the most far reaching good for grieving families yet to come. This is the case of Jeffrey Chee Yem Thean.

I first started this blog at a time when I was really exasperated with a few characters around me and was trying to rationalize their behavior/mindset. Therefore, the first posting was entitled, "Of Born Idiots and Self-Creations" and I thought I had the measure of what temporary imbecility is about. In it I quoted an old friend, Jeffrey Chee who told me to not only be aware of my environment but to be consciously aware of it. Well, Jeffrey Chee forgot his own little piece of wisdom and behaved like a blur-head during the wake and eulogy for Jeannie. His is a case of a self-created idiot. For that, a negative needs to be turned into a positive; in the true spirit of how Jeannie lived her life.

Jeffrey's own public apology will serve as a constant reminder for him to be consciously aware of his own environment and be more sensitive to the feelings of others. In addition, I shall be meeting the Managing Director of NV Multi Corporation Bhd (owners of Nirvana Memorial Centre), Dato' Kong Hon Kong this week. I am confident there will probably be a new policy in place whereby NV agents (like Jeffrey Chee) would not be allowed to bother people who come to pay last respects, with sales pitches; let alone barge in uninvited during an eulogy. Knowing Jeannie's sense of humour, she would laugh that hers was the first eulogy with a commercial break! Nevertheless, I felt a lesson had to be taught.

Well, life sometimes has unexpected ways of teaching us its lessons. For Jeffrey Chee, this is a refresher of his own lesson. For me, this is closure to an issue that bothered me and a reminder that friends can be insincere.

For Jeannie, she is an Angel and continues to do good even in her physical absence!

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