Thursday, 1 November 2007

A Toast To Jeannie

El Cerdo ("The Pig") is for pork lovers. Owen swears by this restaurant and he has every right to. The owner of the El Cerdo, I think his name is Werner attended to us and it was obvious Owen is a valued regular. The place was packed and it was by reservations only. Dinner was supposed to be for a group of 9 but when I received the following sms from Owen earlier in the day, I reduced the number of invitees:

"Adam, Keat. El Cerdo confirmed for 19h00 tomorrow night. Adam, you and i will have to leave around 21h00. Owen"

The 2 hour window seemed a bit too small to introduce too many friends to each other so I felt it would be better to have a gentlemen's evening. It was good that Pat and Wong joined us as they definitely added to the occasion. New friendships are forged every day!

The food? Superlative! Check out the photos! The dilemma was that we had to skip the Pork Knuckle because we ordered the whole Suckling Pig. We would not have been able to finish since we also had the Grand Assortment (hams) Platter, jambalaya, pate, and the "melt in your mouth" Jamón Pata Negra Ibérico de Bellota.

The drink? Tiger beer and 3 bottles of Argentinian 2004 Malbec. Adam sure knows how to pick 'em!

We capped the evening with the Moet & Chandon toast to Jeannie and my only regret is that she would have loved El Cerdo!

A Toast To Jeannie

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