Sunday, 4 November 2007

Kevin Lim's Wedding Dinner At The Ivy

Last night was Old Edwardians (KL) Dinner and I did not attend for only the 2nd time in 22 years. The reason was Kevin Lim's wedding dinner and not attending his function was not an option. A far as Jeannie and I were concerned, Kevin was one of our favourite guys.

Kevin's dinner was at a place called Ivy on Heritage Row, near Sheraton Imperial, KL. When Kevin called me more than a week ago he mentioned Sheraton and since he is based in Subang Jaya, I presumed it was Sheraton Subang Jaya.

The trouble with presumption is the risk of ending up being presumptuous. I was told of my mistake by Kevin's brother, David only after taking one and a half hours to reach Subang Sheraton through unexpected traffic jam.

According to Bernard the Best Man, Kevin and Patricia met slightly more than a year ago through an introduction by a mutual friend. I had not met Patricia before and was rather curious actually. Their wedding dinner at Ivy was unconventional in that the venue is more like a disco club than a restaurant. There were no formalities as the attendees were mainly friends rather than family.

The set up of the place that occupies two shoplots include karaoke rooms and dining upstairs and the bar and dance area on the ground floor. By about 10.30 pm, the place was beginning to fill up with clubbers.

Booze (red wine, whiskey and beer) was flowing the whole night and the ample food was expectedly very good since this is Kevin! The western buffet spread included beef, lamb, salmon, chicken, Yorkshire Pudding, wild mushroom soup, potato salad and usual accompanying greens, etc. I have hardly ever seen so much meat at a wedding dinner and it was so typically Kevin.

Harjit and Susan joined us after the Old Edwardians Dinner. Harjit met David again after more than 30 years but we could not recall whether we were all classmates in Form 3. In any case, all that mattered was we were contemporaries in KEVII School.

It was a very good evening indeed and when I left at about 2.30 am, the party was still going on.

Thanks and congratulations Kevin and Patricia; may you have a blessed marriage.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha... OMG!! Didn't know you took the round-a-bout route to Sheraton Imperial. My bad, should have sent you an email with a map.

Hey thanks for coming BRO! Really appreciate you being there, wished Jeannie was there too (she probably was...)

Yeah... we were buggered that night, didn't remember how I got back to the hotel room. The booze finally took its toll at around 3.30am. All went well, people were happy, guess that is whats important.

Pat sends her love and regards, thanks for the pics. She said she didn't even had the chance to look at the food due to her cumbersome wedding gown... LOL. Poor gurl.

Anyway, thanx for the post! Luv ya mate!

Kev & Pat & Junior