Sunday, 23 September 2007

The Second Birthday Celebration After Mummy's Farewell

It was godson, Saiful's 22nd birthday on the 21st of September and it was celebrated in true Mummy fashion with birthday cake, dinner and "ang pow" for good fortune.

Bought Saiful his birthday dinner at Chilis One Utama last night.

This was the second celebration after Mummy left this earth and wherever she is now, she will know that her lessons are not forgotten, her loved ones continue to be close and celebrate life, and the love for her is never diminished. She is always with us wherever we are.

Continuing in the "cup cake" style birthday cake she started for Mummy's 48th birthday, Krystyn arranged for slices of cake to the preference of each person present. Looks like the days of the big birthday cakes are over......

Whose was the first birthday celebration after Mummy's farewell? Who else could it be but HRH Prince Cheah on the 27th of July!!

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you are doing just what Jeannie would like you to do, Great job cheah!!