Saturday 21 July 2007

Your Work Is Done, My Darling

Darling, your dear friend Jennifer Khoo told me something last Friday and she mentioned it was something you believed in too. She said, “Cheah, when souls decide return to earth, they would also have decided the time they would return to the celestial world. Anytime that the soul departs earth is a perfect time.”

Aye darling, I tend to agree with that too. Your sudden demise is difficult for me to reconcile; your earthly hopes, my hopes for you, and indeed our hopes as husband and wife have evaporated with your passing. You were a wonderful grandmother to Yi Wen’s Michelle and would also have been for Krystyn’s and JJ’s children. Indeed Darling, you would have been in your element as a mother-in-law! Though this will no longer come to pass, yet Darling, even the skies cried tears of joy as we sent you off on your journey home. For to have spent a short 48 years on earth, you have not only lived your life by your standards, you have also set standards! I can only believe your work here is done.

We were always concerned for the children when this day came, whether it was I or you who went first; we feared we could never prepare them well enough. You prepared each for today in your own special way. Darling, you taught them about life by teaching them about death. You taught them about going home. You taught them about how you wanted your farewell and therein lay the greatest lesson on life! Such was your wisdom. You never feared death but you did not welcome it; for you cherished life! You fought hard to live! By celebrating your life and not grieve for your demise meant that life was about living.

Darling, the children honored you by being stoic and delivering your every request to the T. The white, cheerful and bright theme, the white lilies, your chosen music, your mantras, the abundance of candles, the white casket, your chosen dress, your photos, the jasmine and sandalwood incense, your friends, your natural make-up, your perfume, your teddy, the teamwork, JJ’s eulogy, the responsibility; the ambience!

Darling, you taught them while you nurtured and protected them in ways that only you could. They in turn have learnt the essence of what life is about. Your loving ways and the tender moments you shared while you guided them ensure that you will live on forever in their hearts. The only beacon they need as they navigate through life’s pitfalls would be to remember what you would think. The training wheels are off my Darling and your work with our children is done.

My Darling, you meant so many things to so many different people. You were, mother, friend, sister, confidante, mentor, Master, student, healer, and many, many more. You had so many different circles of friends and you personified this diversity by the many different names you were known as to different circles. There was Jeannie, Jade, Jade Phoenix, Phoenix, Lady Jade, Soul-Voice, Auntie Jeannie, Tai Kar Cheh, Part Phor, COBRA Mummy, Leng Sou, Leng Phor Phor, Foong Cheh, Ah Foong, Mummy Cheah, Leong-Leong, Tigress, and many more that I have forgotten. But Darling, there is one thing common to all and that is the lasting impression you have left in each and everyone. Darling, your work with friends is done.

My Darling, so many things remind me of you but I see you most clearly in our children. Your passing did not make me a single parent for they continue to be guided by your presence in their hearts. You have made it easy for me and I merely need to continue in my role as their father. Yes, my Love,
my work is yet undone.

Your Dar

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