Wednesday, 18 July 2007

RE-POST & UPDATED-Requiem for My Darling Jeannie: She.......

This match was determined in another time, on another plane; testing the limits of even coincidence. The melding of two souls into one yet existing separately as He and She. This was She.......

The Beautiful You

My Darling,

As I look back over the 22 years we shared and I think of you, a smile comes to my heart. Memory takes me back to that auspicious Thursday which started it all and the times we shared since. My darling, it has been a wondrous path that I could never imagine walking with anybody else.

It must have been inspired insight that told me I had found a rare unpolished diamond but darling, what was even more important was that you were a diamond and had always been a diamond.

My good fortune had been to notice that sparkle which others seemingly had overlooked or simply would not believe…. or maybe I was blessed to be “passing by” when the great upheavals unearthed the gem that was to become my life.

We too have had our share upheavals together and whilst I could only hope that they had somehow brought us even closer, I regret to think I had too often risked losing something so precious to me.

The beautiful you my Darling, had always allowed love to soothe and heal open wounds even though some were inflicted in the name of love. It was inevitable that we both had to endure the consequences of insecurities and preconceived notions especially during our first half decade together but we weathered that storm.

Darling, the beautiful you, has been more than 2 decades of unconditional love you showered on me although I had often been guilty of judging you too harshly.

The beautiful you my Love, had been your strength in the face of adversity and your unwavering faith in Life. We drew from your strength in silent comfort knowing you would never hesitate to give us your all.

Your generosity had been the hallmark of the beautiful you for so long that many came to doubt its sincerity while there were those who had come to expect it as a right. And yet there were those who felt threatened by it. For Darling, there were not many who knew that your strong sense of loyalty was borne of this generosity.

Yes Darling, my heart smiles when recalling fond memories of you and when I think of you now. I am heartened by the way you always amazed me as you evolved and grew. I am convinced yours was more than just Light but a Brilliance that grew not only with the each wisdom you acquired but also each shadow you encountered. Darling, the sparkle was real as the diamond was genuine and my Love, you are priceless.

I would like to think that I found you and that is probably all that I can lay claim to. Alas, only a diamond can polish another diamond and Darling, I am no diamond.

Ling, I was content to be your partner for I cherished you as the jewel in my crown, the gem of my heart and foremost, the loving Mother to our children.

I Love You Darling and You will always remain my Ling. Rest in peace for I will care for our children until my time comes to join you in the Spirit World.

Your Dar


Mad Dog said...

Auntie Jade, this is how i used to call you. Thank you for your every concern to me. Your departure nevertheless left me with sadness, but i understand where you are heading to.

You represent a symbol of strength, love and courage to me. You not only live your life to fullest, but you also help others to live their life to the fullest. There is no single shadow of doubt that you live your life as what you had said in the blog.

In my heart there is always a space for an angel like you where i will talk to when i need your guidance.


KS Cheah said...

Hi Doggie,

She told me she was supposed to meet you for coffee and that you are a decent and helpful gentleman.

I think you played her a live guitar piece one day and also helped her with some technical matters related to the computer.

Take care, my friend.

AHH said...

Dear Uncle Cheah,

Be strong for that is what she wants and has worked hard for.

She lives in all who loves her and more so in you and her children who is most precious to her..

Take Care.

Yen-Feng said...

Unker cheah,

I'm glad to know you are cherishing every single moment you had with aunty jade and not grieving over the departure of her. Although the lights of the day has ended and nights has come, but there's always reflection of the light by the moon. To lighten the path when one are lost. To bring reflection of the sweet memories for that beautiful day one had. Nights will never be pitch black.

KS Cheah said...

Thanks for the kind and encouraging words Samurai. While I miss her so much, she would not want me to fall apart. You can also see this in the children; I am so proud of them and I am sure Aunty Jade is smiling.

Jie Juan said...

Now I see things very much clear. Thanks Papa! :)