Tuesday, 17 July 2007

An Eulogy By Hui Sin

There was one day she told me about the story of an angel. She said that everyone has an angel to stay together with them.

2 months ago, when I was lying in the hospital, she came, and handed me a little bear, which I never tell anyone that I wish to have a bear to stay with me in the hospital. She can feel how I feel. We share, we laugh, and she is always there for me whenever I need her.

3 weeks ago, I was supposed to prepare a birthday gift for her, but I never fulfill the promise I made within myself. Until last week, I decided to pass her the gift during my birthday next week. Anyway, I gave her the gift today, which is a CD containing a movie clip that records her journey, her life, her family, and her friends.

I remembered she told me I can call her whatever I wish, as long as it is with love. Something was in my mind for the past 2 months, until last week I think it is the right time for me to call her, what I was hoping and wishing for the 2 months. She loves me like a mother loves a daughter. So, today I am here to tell her, Mummy, I love you. I can feel you whenever, wherever. Thanks for your guidance along my way, and may you will continue guiding me all the way along, in a different way, in my heart, and thanks for willing to take me as a student, you are always my dearest master. And thanks for being an angel of mine.

Hui Sin

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