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Chapter Two: Gateway To The Spirit World

CHAPTER TWO: Gateway To The Spirit World (Cases 3, 4 & 5)

1. The tunnel effect souls experience when leaving Earth is the portal to the spirit world.

2. Although souls leave their bodies swiftly, it appears that entry into the spirit world is a carefully measured process.

3. Later when we return to Earth in another life, the route back is described as being more rapid.

4. The location of the tunnel in relation to the Earth varies between accounts of subjects. Some newly dead see it opening up right near them over their bodies while others say they move high above the Earth before they enter the tunnel.

5. However, in all cases the time lapse in reaching this passageway is negligible once the soul leaves Earth.

Case 3:

Account of going through the tunnel.

“It’s a…hollow, dim vent…and there is a small circle of light at the other end”

“I feel a tugging…a gentle pull…I think I’m supposed to drift through this tunnel…and I do. It is more grey than dark now, because the bright circle is expanding in front of me. It’s as if I’m being summoned forward”

“The circle of light grows very wide and…I’m out of the tunnel. There is a…cloudy brightness…a light fog. I’m filtering through it. It’s so…still…it is such a quiet place to be in…I am in a place of spirits…”

Thought! I feel the…power of thought all around me. I feel…thoughts of love…companionship…empathy…and it’s all combined with…anticipation…as if others are…waiting for me.”

“I’m not scared. When I was in the tunnel, I was more…disoriented. Yes, I feel secure…I’m aware of thoughts reaching out to me…of caring…nurturing. It is strange, but there is also the understanding around me of just who I am and why I am here now.”

“I sense a harmony of thought everywhere”

1. This subject, having been taken through the death experience and the tunnel, continues to make tranquil mental adjustments to her bodiless state while pulling further into the spirit world.

2. Once through the tunnel, most souls now fully realize they are not really dead, but have simply left the encumbrance of an Earth body which has died.

3. Much initial reaction depends on their respective maturity and recent life experiences. The most common type of reaction is: “Oh, wonderful, I’m home in this beautiful place again.”

4. There are those highly developed souls who move so fast out of their bodies that much of what is described thus far is a blur as they home into their spiritual destinations. These are the pros and they are a distinct minority on Earth.

5. It is the younger souls with fewer past lives who remain attached to Earth’s environment right after death.

Case 4

Emerging from the tunnel; differing densities.

Most subjects report that as they emerge from the mouth of the tunnel, things are still unclear for awhile. This could be due to the density of the plane surrounding Earth, called the
kamaloka by Theosophists.

The next case describes this area from the perspective of a more analytical subject.

The soul of this subject demonstrates considerable observational insight into form, colors, and vibrational levels

“Things are…layered…sort of…like a cake…I mean some cakes have small tops and are wide at the bottom. It’s not like that when I get through the tunnel. I see layers…levels of light…they appear to me to be…translucent (allowing light, but not detailed shapes, to pass through; semi-transparent: e.g. her beautiful translucent skin)…indented…”

“It’s not solid, although you might think so at first. It’s layered – the levels of light are all woven together in…stratified threads.

“For me it
(the spirit world)
is…mostly sweeping, non-material energy which is broken into layers by light and dark color variations. I think something is…pulling me into my proper level of travel and trying to relax me, too…”

“I’m hearing sounds. An…echo…of music…musical tingling…wind chimes…vibrating with my movements…so relaxing”
(Other people have defined these sounds as vibrational in nature, similar to riding on the resonance from the twang of a tuning fork)

“…and I have memory of scent and taste, too. Yes…the memory of our physical senses stay with us after death…the waves of musical notes here are so beautiful…bells…strings…such tranquility.”

1. Subjects who speak about spiritual layering could possibly be seeing astral planes.

2. In metaphysical writings, a lot is written about planes above the Earth. Astral planes have historically (the Vedas, and Eastern texts) represented a series of rising dimensions above the physical or tangible world, which blend into the spiritual.

3. These invisible regions have been experienced by people over thousands of years through meditative, out-of-body observations of the mind.

4. Astral planes also have been described as being less dense as one moves farther away from the heavy influences of Earth.

Case 5:

This is a soul who is still troubled after passing through the tunnel. The subject’s previous life was as a man who, at age thirty-six, died of a heart attack on a Chicago street in 1902. He left behind a large family of young children and a wife who was deeply loved. They were very poor.

“Oh…I’m out of it (tunnel)...my God, this place is big! It’s so bright and clean – it even smells good. I am looking at a beautiful ice palace. It’s enormous…it looks like bright, sparkling, crystal…colored stones shining all around me.”

“This place is infinite…so majestic…and peaceful. I…can’t fully enjoy it…I don’t want to go further…Maggie…
(subject’s widow)

(subject jerks upright in the chair)
“Good! I see my guide coming towards me…she knows what I need…I say to her I can’t go on…that I need to know Maggie and the children are going to be okay…she is comforting me – but I’m too loaded down.”

(shouting) “I tell her (guide), “Why did you allow this to happen? How could you do this to me? You made me go through such pain and hardship with Maggie and now you cut off our life together.” She (guide)
is trying to soothe me. Telling me I did a good job and that I will soon see my life ran its intended course.”

(pause) “In my mind…information comes to me…of the future on Earth…that the family I getting on without me…accepting that I am gone…they are going to make it…and we will all see each other again…I feel…peace…(with a sigh)
…I am ready to go now.”

1. This subject’s interpretation of the spirit world appearing as an ice palace yet there are other subjects who talk of seeing buildings and being in furnished rooms.

2. The state of hypnosis by itself does not create these images. Logically, people should not be recalling such physical structures in a non-material world unless we consider these scenes of Earth’s natural environment are intended to aid in the soul’s transition and adjustment from physical death.

3. These sights have individual meanings for every subject, all of whom are affected by their Earth experiences.

4. A benevolent spiritual force allows for terrestrial mirages to comfort us by their familiarity. Our planetary memories never die – they whisper forever into the soul-mind on the winds of mythical dreams just as images of the spirit world do so within the human mind.

5. The first images of the spirit world may vary between subjects (some scenes: fields of wildflowers; castle towers rising in the distance; rainbows under an open sky) but once a subject in trance continues further into the spirit world to describe the functional aspects of spiritual life, their comments become more uniform.

6. As in the situation of Case 5, there is no question that some souls do carry the negative baggage of a difficult past life longer than others, despite the calming influences of the spirit world.

7. It is erroneous to think all souls become omniscient (all knowing) at death because adjustment periods vary.

8. The time of soul adjustment depends upon:
o The circumstances of death
o Attachments of each soul to the memories of the life just ended, and
o The level of advancement

9. If a soul has been traumatized by unfinished business, usually the first entity it sees right after death is its guide. These highly developed spiritual teachers are prepared to take the initial brunt of a soul’s frustration following an untimely death.

10. Case 5 will eventually make a healthy adjustment to the spirit world by allowing his guide to assist him during the balance of his incoming trip.

11. However, our guides do not encourage the complete working out of thought disorders at the spiritual gateway. More on his later; detailed reviews and karmic learning lessons involving life and death will be described in later chapters.

12. The guide in Case 5 offered a brief visualization of accelerated Earth time as a means of soothing this soul.

13. Above all else, the spirit world represents a place of supreme quiescence (a state or period of inactivity or dormancy) to the traveling soul.

14. But we are not alone immediately following death; we are not isolated or unaided. Unseen intelligent energy forces guide each of us through the gate.

15. Our guides and a number of soulmates and friends wait for us close to the gateway. We feel their presence from the moment of death. They provide recognition, affection and assurance.

16. Much of our initial readjustment depends upon the influence of these kindly entities towards our returning soul.

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