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Chapter Three: Homecoming

CHAPTER THREE: Homecoming (Cases, 6,7,8 & 9)

The welcome home.

1. How do we recognize friendly spirits who meet us, since encountering them after death is so important?

2. There is a general consensus among subjects about how souls look to each other (soul identity) in the spirit world. They may appear as a mass of energy. But it is also possible for non-organic soul energy to display human characteristics. This capacity of souls to project a former life forms when communicating with each other is but one of an incalculable number of “appearances” which can be assumed by souls from their basic energy substance.

3. Another feature of soul identity – the possession of a particular color aura will be discussed in Chapter 6 (Transition)

4. Most subjects report the first person they see in the spirit world is their personal guide. However, we can also be met by a soulmate.

5. Guides and soulmates are not the same.

6. Usually if a former relative or close friend appears to the incoming soul, their regular guides might be absent from the scene but are somewhere in close proximity – observing in their own way.

Case 6:

1. This is one where the welcoming soulmate entity is not the subject’s primary guide, but is there to provide loving encouragement.

2. A curious phenomenon in the spirit world is that important people in our lives are always able to greet us, even though they may already be living another life in a new body. This is explained in Chapter Six. Chapter Ten examines the ability of souls to divide their essence so they can be in more than one body at a time on Earth.

3. At this juncture in a soul’s passage, the carry-on baggage of Earth’s physical and mental burdens are diminishing for two reasons:

a) The evidence of a carefully directed order and harmony in the spirit world has brought back the remembrance of what we left behind before we chose life in physical form.

b) There is the overwhelming impact of seeing people we thought we would never meet again after they died on Earth.

Case 7:

Meeting up again.

“It’s so…warm and comforting. I’m relieved to be away from Earth. I just want to stay here always. There is no tension, or worries, only a sense of well being. I’m just floating…how beautiful…”

“Familiarity…Uh mm…people…friends…are here, I think. I…have a sensation of their presence…people I knew”

“I see…Lights…soft…kind of cloudy-like…they are growing…blobs of energy…and I know they are people! We are drifting towards each other, but I am slower than they are because…I am uncertain what to do…”

“I’m starting to recognize them – they are sending images into my mind – thoughts about themselves and…the shape are changing…into people!”

“Oh…look! It’s him! (Begins to laugh and cry at the same time) I think it’s…yes – it’s Larry
(husband from subject’s last life)
– he is in front of everybody else – he is the first one I really see! Now I know the ones I want most to see are in front…some of my other friends are in the back. The ones at the back are…hazy…far off…but, I have the sensation of their presence. Larry is in front…coming up to me…”

“We had such a wonderful life together – Gunther was so strong – everyone in his family was against our marriage – Jean deserted from the navy to save me from the bad life I was living in Marseilles…”

1. The subject is so excited her past lives are tumbling one on top of the other. Larry, Gunther, and Jean were all former husbands, but the same soulmate.

2. Subject goes on to describe other familiar people in the “welcoming committee”. And says what determines the sequence of how all these people come to greet her is how much they all mean to each other.

3. Our reception committee is planned in advance for us as we enter the spirit world. Case 7 demonstrates how uplifting familiar faces can be to the incoming young soul.

4. There are a different number of entities waiting in greeting parties after each life.

5. Although the meeting format varies, depending on the soul’s special needs, there is nothing haphazard about our spiritual associates knowing exactly when we are due and where to meet us upon our arrival in the spirit world.

6. The size of the welcoming party not only changes for everyone after each life, but is drastically reduced to almost nothing for more advanced souls where spiritual comfort becomes less necessary (Case 9)

7. There are 3 ways newly arrived souls are received back into the spirit world:

a) They are met shortly after death by a principal entity, followed by others of decreasing influence (Cases 6 & 7).

b) They are met right after death by their own spiritual guide in a quiet, meaningful encounter where no one else is revealed in the immediate vicinity (Case 5 & 8).

c) They are met by no one (Case 9)

8. The emotional meetings which take place between souls at this interval during the spiritual passage are only a prelude to our eventual placement within a specific group of entities at our own maturity level. Spiritual organizational arrangements, involving how groups form and are cross-matched with other entities, are described in subsequent chapters. It is important to understand that welcoming entities may not be part of our own particular learning group in the spirit world.

9. Simply because they choose to meet us right after death out of love and kindness does not mean they will all be part of our spiritual learning group when we arrive at the final destination of this journey.

10. It is interesting to note that the old-fashioned religious term of having a “guardian angel” is now used metaphysically to denote an empathetic spirit.

11. It is repeatedly reported that the soul itself is androgynous, and yet, in the same breath, subjects declare sex is not an unimportant factor.

12. All souls can and do assume male and female mental impressions towards other entities as a form of identity preference.

Case 8:

Being met by own spiritual guide and also recognition plus projecting human features as a soul; in your own image.

“Yes, it’s my friend Rachel who is coming to meet me…she is always here for me when I die”

“She doesn’t always stay here. No, she is with me a lot – in my mind – when I need her. She is my own guardian (said with possessive pride)”

“Rachel wants to show herself to me as a woman for the visual knowing and it is a mental thing as well with her…as souls there are periods in our existence when we are more inclined toward one gender than another. Eventually, this gender preference evens out”

“I have known Rachel before on Earth, once, long ago, she was close to me in life…now she is my guardian…I feel a calmness…tranquility…love…when I look at her”

“We sort of look at each other with eyes in a human way…but different…You see the mind behind what we take to be eyes, because that is what we relate to on Earth. Of course, we can do the same thing as humans on Earth, too…when you look into a certain person’s eyes on the ground – even people you have just met – and see a light you have known before…well, that tells you something about them. As a human you don’t know why – but
your soul remembers.”

“Sometimes on Earth, when two people look at each other, they may feel they have known each other before…it’s déjà vu.”

“Even if Rachel did not project herself in human form to me, we can always identify each other by the mind. But it’s nicer this way; it’s a social thing…seeing a human face puts you at ease…particularly in the readjustment period right after leaving Earth…I feel better when I see others I have known before too…”

No one speaks, we communicate by the mind telepathically…it is possible for souls to have private conversations which cannot be picked up by others…this is done by touch…touching communication…when two spirits come close to each other they are co-joined and they can send private thoughts which passes between them by touch.”

“A soul may show you one face at the gateway to the spirit world and another image later in a different situation….a lot of how we present ourselves to each other depends on what we are feeling right then…what relationship we have with a certain person and where we are…the identity souls project to each other depends on timing and location in the spirit world as well as mood, and maybe psychological state of mind when they meet.”

“We can know the true character of a soul’s consciousness even with all these changes in each other’s image; the image that one projects never hides who you really are from the rest of us…All of us really
only have one identity, regardless of the number of facial features we might project as souls.”

“You see everyone as they truly are. Usually the more immature souls only want their best side to show because of what you might think of them – they don’t fully appreciate that it is what you are striving for that is more important, not how you appear…but we don’t judge…
in the end they are all going to be all right.”

1. The spirit world is a place of supreme all-knowing intelligent consciousness, yet it appears that souls have moods and vanity as though they were back on Earth.

2. The concept of souls having fallibility comes as a surprise to some people. Statements from subjects like Case 8 indicate most of us are still far from perfect beings in the spirit world. The essential purpose of reincarnation is self-improvement.

“Once in a while we see souls from other planets other than Earth…people are people no matter how they look on their physical worlds…I kind of stick with my own people, but we can assume any features we want for communication…”

1. Gaining information from subjects who are able to recall leading physical past lives in non-human form on other worlds is always challenging.

2. Recollection of these experiences is usually limited to older, more advanced souls (more on this later).

Case 9:

Met by no one; the old pros.

“I feel a great sense of relief and move out fast…I shoot up like a column of light and I’m on my way…it has been this fast since my last series of lives…I don’t know why, I don’t need to see anybody – I’m in a hurry…there was a time when it was good to be met by someone but I don’t require that sort of thing anymore.

“It was…a mutual decision…between my teacher and me…to allow me to enter the spirit world without assistance…when I knew I could handle things by myself…I know where m going and I’m anxious to get there…I’m being pulled along by a magnet and I just enjoy the ride…”

“We have energy…within an energy field…we generate energy ourselves…we can use these forces depending on our experience…my maturity level does give me some element of control in the rate and direction of travel…but not right here…later, when I am settled I can move around much more on my own…now, I’m being pulled and I’m supposed to go with it…I’m moving alone…being homed into my proper space…
going where I belong.”

1. In hypnosis, the analytical conscious mind works in conjunction with the unconscious mind to receive and answer messages directed to our deep-seated memories.

2. All subjects bring their own segments of knowledge to bear on answering questions about the spirit world.

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