Thursday 22 May 2014

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah

We live in a country where the law has it that an accused is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. What more if the accused has been labelled the accused just because investigators are grasping at straws trying to justify their own inabilities and failings in a case that is classified a crime merely because there seems to be no other conclusion...or is there? Is the real truth being concealed by parties yet unknown and unseen?

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was the man at the helm of MH370 when the plane disappeared without a trace. To many at the time, it was so easy to be smug and insensitive to point to pilot suicide or complicity. All others in the plane by default became victims. My own tongue in cheek postulation was that in an absence of a wreckage, extra-terrestrials took them. Indeed, this may well be the only chance all on board could still be alive as opposed to the conspiracy theories that surfaced; dead man tells no tales! Then again, UFO!?!

It was so easy to overlook the fact that the man was living a life; as a father, a son, a husband, an uncle, an in-law, a colleague and likely, an endearing friend to many who continue to miss him. The following is a poignant video compiled by such Friends of Captain Zaharie MH370 that puts matters in perspective. Please watch and share.

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