Monday, 7 October 2013

Prince The King (er...Scumbag)

J.J. endearingly calls Prince "Scumbag" and sometimes the word fits Prince to the "T". There are so many things that Prince does, the list is endless:

  • he will wipe his mouth on the nearest person after drinking water
  • wipes his ass on you as he pretends to be playing with you
  • wakes you up in the morning by covering your nostrils with his tongue or he licks your eyelids open
  • if the above failed, he would bark incessantly into your ears till you get up and take him outside to do his "business".
  • piss in the house as you tell him not to and while he is doing it stares at you as if to say, "come clean it up"
  • ...and on and on
The best part is, he never dared do it to Jeannie. For example, he would never have his backside at her face when he slept on the bed. Indeed he would even be in "reverse gear" when he moved away. He also did not dare wake her up in the morning and would only get up when she matter how late. At about 10.30 at night when Jeannie was at her computer below the staircase Prince would climb the stairs to her eye-level and softly bark at her as if to remind her of bed time. When she was unwell we once saw him pull her blanket to cover her. Not many people will believe what we say.

Domination? Took this photo at 3.30 am yesterday.

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