Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Is Religion About Its Followers Or Are Followers About Their Religions?

UPDATE; 5th November 2013

That Effing Show replies Perkasa:


The following are followers of the same religion:

Ezzra Zaid and the "That Effing Show" Gang

Dr Reza Azlan, Islamic Theologian. BFM interview:

...compared to *ahem*. Decide for yourself.

UPDATE 3rd November 2013. The following was in Malaysiakini:

Perkasa finds no humour in YouTube parody, calls cops
12:44PM Nov 3, 2013
There was no humour for Selangor Perkasa in a parody video on the ‘Allah' issue - it was so offended it lodged a series of police reports against the makers.

NONEAccording to Utusan Malaysia, Selangor Perkasa chief Abu Bakar Yahya (right) said the YouTubevideo entitled: ‘That Effing Show #95: Allah, Apa Lagi?' was an insult to a Court of Appeal ruling which banned a Christian publication from using the word 'Allah'.

"This matter must be scrutinised to avoid discontent and disharmony in the country," he was quoted as saying.

Abu Bakar, whose movement had made nine police reports throughout Selangor, added that the relevant authorities should take action against the video makers.

The six minutes and 31 seconds video uploaded on the PopTeeVee channel featured two separate groups with one claiming the word ‘Allah' for themselves.

Subsequently, the other group then began claiming various Malay language words originating from Sanskrit such as ‘bumiputera'. ‘raja' and ‘negara'.

Producers to cooperate with cops

They cited that this was to avoid people from being "confused" by Hindu influences, to which the other group became offended and said they would call for Perkasa to aid them.

Perkasa spoof popTVHowever, it was pointed out that the word ‘Perkasa' was also from Sanskrit, causing one of the group members to react in rage and imitating Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali's infamous reaction on international TV: "Don't talk S**t!".

The video was hosted by Ezra Zaid (left in photo), who previously had a run in with religious authorities over the publication of a book entitled ‘Allah, Liberty & Love' by liberal Muslim author Irshad Manji.

Meanwhile, the company responsible for the producing 'That Effing Show' said that it will cooperate with the authorities.

"With regards to Perkasa's comments on our videos, we believe we share an equal passion in building a better Malaysia: which is further proof that there is even more in common between PopTeeVee and Perkasa besides the four points already raised in Episode 96

"Perkasa works for what they believe makes for a better Malaysia. We believe in following the footsteps of our experienced and passionate leaders in doing the same," said Hardesh Singh, the company's founder and executive producer.

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