Sunday, 5 August 2012

Lee Chong Wei Apology

Following the previous post on Deepak Chopra's apology comes an apology from Lee Chong Wei for having failed to win the 2012 Olympics Men's Singles Badminton Gold medal for Malaysia. Try as Chong Wei did, Lin Dan was and still is the better player of the two; apologies not needed for having given his all. The stats between the two are obvious enough.

The pressure on Chong Wei to even qualify for the final must have been immense let alone win against Lin Dan. The whole nation was united behind him as we followed his progress through each round but I think our FLOM should have been there from the start instead of rushing to London for the final game. Her intentions may be honorable but I think most Malaysians would have preferred that she stayed home. A BBM or SMS would have been more effective.

Many would have noticed Lin Dan drew inspiration from someone among the spectators. Every time he pulled off a difficult point, he gazed in the same direction. Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to recognize that look he gave the person. Fortunately, the Games cameras were kind enough to show us who it was; his wife. Xie Xingfang was a former badminton World Champion herself.

Don't know about others but I noticed Chong Wei too had a certain gaze at someone in the crowd but it was a gaze of despair every time he lost a difficult rally. The games cameras did not show anything.

However, the cameras did show on one occasion Lin Dan's coach Li Yongbo spur his player on with words that include, "zhong guo ren". I wonder what his complete sentence was, but I am sure this will not be last time we in Malaysia hear reference to Yongbo's words.


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As always, so observant and sensitive to all the stuff that go unnoticed by most.


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