Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Vitamin B17


Luis said...

I was recentely introduced to vitamin B17 and there are many webpages that conclude that it's the safest, quickest and cheaper way to prevent and treat cancer. Thank you for your post.

Alex Tessier said...

People don’t realize the significant range of amygdalin content of the apricot kernels being sold as “bitter” varieties. 45 apricot kernels of one variety, over the course of the day, are all that is required for a daily dose of 1,500 mg of amygdalin. In another variety of “bitter” apricot kernels, 200 kernels would have to be consumed in order to achieve quantities of a similar range. However, the people using this variety are still adhering to common dosage guidelines, which means, at best, they’re likely only receiving 80-100 mg of amygdalin, and that’s at 45 apricot kernels per day.

The variety of bitter apricot kernel is critical to their efficacy. The wrong variety will simply not work.

I talk about this in more detail at