Thursday 26 April 2012

Khairi vs Ambiga; More Obfuscation...

The UMNO Poster boy wannabe really eloquent with sweet nothings. Started with claim of special bond for being teargassed by the same police (he and only 150 so-called UMNO Youth Patriots; many recruited in situ) as Bersih 2.0 and followed by stating numerous "commitments" of BN Government to have the most free and fair GE in history, free and fair access to national media, stop dirty politics and corruption, have code of conduct for government, and other crap that is just figment of imagination in today's BN reality.

But who is this guy Khairi anyway? He is not even in the Cabinet nor wanted by UMNO. Don't be fooled by the command of language and delivery. Shit is shit no matter how wrapped or delivered.

Ambiga wasted her time with this debate.

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billiebrowser said...

Dirty politics and misinformation is a feature of western society. We should do all we can to put the record straight. Keep up the good work.