Saturday, 6 August 2011

Brilliant On Brilliance

A brilliant comment by MN Taib in my Tigers EGroup about that 8TV advertisement. Please read:


As Paddy Nordin said that the advert from Grand Brilliance was really stupid (Grand brilliance, my ass). What is even more stupid is making mountains of Pamela Anderson's tits, as it were. Utusan Malaysia is making a racist "pig's b'fast" out of it.  We are, today, in a hysteria mode, and it does lower the morale of those who believe that the Malaysian plural society is a fait accompli.

The JAIS raid accompanied by the PDRM was the height of stupidity. It was impulsive, like a drunk from Ole Scool Pub in Jalan Gasing. The OCPD who approved the allocation of his policemen to the task must be mad. No research was done, and only to discover that the dinner was for a HIV/AIDS charity.

Episodes like the above are very divisive for our interaction in the multi-religious milieu that we live in.

These unfortunate blunders emanate from Dr. M's and DSAI's ill-conceived "penerapan nilai-nilai Islam" - It drove the Malays retrogressively way back beyond Siput Sarawak, Saloma, Kasmah Booty and Romai Noor. There's so much asininity, and lack of thinking. Everything the Agama people does is reaction. We now have a parallel civil service of the offices of Agama Islam and the civil service based on the old Brit system. The Agama officers are flexing their muscles, and as I see it, nobody has the moral courage to discipline them. The efficiency of our civil service is eroded by the lack of understanding of the English Language. Have you heard of the expression, " buta huruf"?

Anyway. I shall carry on as usual with my Christmases and New Year celebs, and I shall osculate lovingly the bird that stands under my mistletoe.

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