Tuesday 17 May 2011

The Joy Luck Club At Syam's Sanctuary

It was about that time again; time for another gathering at Syam's Sanctuary in Ulu Langat for Colonel Mike Naser's Joy Luck Club. This email was in the circulation on 5th May 2011.

"Dear friends,

Its time for fun, camaraderie, and camping free from the urban hustle and pollution. The food will embellish your taste buds for some time.

The Joy Luck Club will meet on the 13th to 15th May at OP Sham's Hideaway in Hulu Langat. Please have no fear coz Tiger Ah Swee is the Catering Adviser; Tiger Ah Kooi is the Chief Sommelier, and I am the Catering Toolpusher. Major-General Datuk Amin Salleh is the overall supervisor. May I reiterate the programme in summary:

13th May:  ETA Sham's Hideaway at 1700 hrs. ETD 1830 hrs for Veg Fish Farm for Thai food at Km 4, Jln Ampang, Hulu Langat. Return to base at 2300 hrs, and continue happy hours.

14th May: BBQ lunch. Dinner of Soup Ayam a'la Penang and spicy Moroccan cous cous Salad.

15th May: Kampung Food. Kerabu of various types; ulam-ulam with sambal belacan, budu and cencaluk; fried salted fish; asam pedas; steamed Tilapia and Wen Yi, and cat fish masak tempoyak. Followed by Tiramisu.

ETD 1630 hrs for home.

You are most most welcome to join us for camping, or come just for lunch on any date. The closing date is 2200 hrs on 9th May 11. Please info us, in time, for ration planning and portion control. Don't worry if you don't partake in alcohlic drinks, there is plenty of soft beverages. We regret that you cannot bring children below 18 for obvious reason. This is a club for adults.

Come and have fun."

It was as usual great catching up with the usual culprits but this time around Colonel Mike was recovering from a bad flu and was out of action for much of Saturday evening. True to his army training, Syam had contingency plans for dinner on Saturday; Annie's Hainanese chicken rice.

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Saiful said...

oh yum! the food looks delicious hahah