Friday 8 October 2010

DSAI Vs Najib

This is from a good buddy of mine. Read and think what you will...

Dear KS,

At this "moment critique" in PKR's political and organizational history, DSAI went to Europe to continue projecting himself as a hero bedevilled by Najib's conspiracy to finish him. On the other hand, Najib is bringing back investments to help elevate our meltdown. DSAI shud think of bringing back investments to Kelantan, Penang, Kedah and Selangor immediately.

It is really good to have the direct election of leaders for PKR without the corrupt Cabang system of other political parties. DSAI and his close lieutenants do not understand "Command & Control" in higher management. He shud have established early enough a "Tactical HQ" with the following depts under the overall commander:

1. Personnel - to impose discipline and answer all queries and solve problems quickly.

2. Intelligence - to collect, collate, analyse and disseminate timely intelligence to officials on the ground.

3. Operations - To know the voting situation intimately and brief the commander on all voting ops.

4. Comptroller (Finance) - keep a close watch on money dispensed to the officials and to eradicate and or diminish financial bottlenecks.

5. Communications - to ensure instant flow of info up and down and sideways, and to keep info records.

Bro, DSAI is a good gift to UMNO. He is, through lack of leadership, putting blocks on the approach to Putrajaya. PR will never arrive with DSAI as the general-in-command. He is a yaada, yaada specialist. I know who financed him in MU and ABIM. Despite all the money, he got 3rd class hons in Malay Studies. Not very smart!!

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