Sunday, 6 December 2009

...And We Have Racism Issues?

I could not resist but to nick this off Antares' website, Magick River.

After more than 50 years of Merdeka we still have problems with race. The oranghutan and hound shames us!!! I edited the end of the video because it contained an anti-palm oil message that I felt was unjustified.


theeggyolk said...

We can never achieve 0% racial problems cos we are all normal human beings and we tend to have different opinions. What both the government and the citizens can do now is to control the situation and avoid it to spread any further. :D


Starmandala said...

I hope you're not working for the palm oil industry, Mr Cheah! Long before the soybean lobby began attacking palm oil I was already vehemently against the massive promotion of monocultures like oil palm - mainly because such myopic human activities irretrievably harm the ecosystem and benefit nobody except greedy businessmen and politicians. Anything on a modest scale is okay but when gigantic estates like Guthrie, Sime Darby & Golden Hope enter the fray (with invisible shareholders like Dr M), you can be sure it's bad news for future generations of Malaysians.

KS Cheah said...

No lah Antares, I do not work in the palm oil industry. A couple of reasons why I edited out the anti-palm oil portion. One was that I copied your story as a message against racism and wanted it narrowed that way. Two, I thought it was the soybean lobby at work.

I too am against human activities that harm the eco-system, whoever they benefit. However, I did not want to go there; at least not with that blogpost anyway. :o)

Thanks bro. You take care.


Starmandala said...

Guess what, today Bernama posted a news item that roundly condemns the grossly stupid (like all greed-driven ideas) program to plant oil palm for biofuel!

KS Cheah said...

Yeah man! I remember a few "lucky" ones were given the usual limited licence to build bio-fuel plants. A friend of mine who is a senior ED in Felda told me years ago, palm oil as bio-fuel would not fly. He appears right.

The MD of Sime Plantations is a friend and school mate. Together with Felda they must account for a significant acreage of oil palm.

They would be your nemesis in your anti-palm oil stance. ;o)