Monday, 26 October 2009

Saudara Anwar Anak Ibrahim

Can we blame a man who has spent six in Sungai Buluh and I forget how many years in Kamunting as a political prisoner, for not wanting to risk that nightmare again? No, we should not because none of us in our right minds will relish what Saudara Anwar Anak Ibrahim endured. His own frantic and embarrassing scramble for refuge in the Turkish embassy when the Saiful's buggering story first broke may indicate the fragility of his resolve and perhaps the extent of his guilt or innocence however one opines.

Yet, here is a man on whose shoulders rest the hopes of so many Malaysians (as evidenced by GE12 on 8th March 2008) who yearn for a better Malaysia; where as Malaysians we can work together as one people for the People (Ketuanan Rakyat). Can we really trust him to have overcome his personal fears and conquered his demons for us to continue to depend on him as THE icon? Or are we placing too much hopes on a mere mortal? We practically have only one roll of the dice around about 2013, and should we continue to bet on Anwar? Can we trust him not to sell us out; if he has not already done so?

The usual "who else do we have?" reason is beginning to wear thin and increasingly not able to hold water when we look more closely at the man's performance (or rather non-performance) since GE12. At best he has been indecisive and at worse he has seemed impotent. Granted he did bring PAS, DAP and PKR together but now he seems to put himself on a pedestal above the numerous highly public disagreements between the three. Is it because he said, "semua anak dia" that he is posturing as a doting father who spares the rod? Well, he has come out looking wishy washy more than anything else.

I have wondered whether behind the scenes Pakatan Rakyat is gearing up and consolidating to face further challenges to the foothold it gained in GE12 and for GE13, whether it is about to spring a counter-thrust of visionary proportions to what UMNO (forget BN) is doing to show it has begun its process of change for the better. PR has 4 States yet so far ordinary people in those states are yet to see pertinent change compared to the previous BN government. It appears those states had a change of government for the sake of change. The PR governments still suffer from opposition camp mentality and are still harping on past BN misdeeds instead of making waves with ground breaking changes. Lim Guan Eng is perhaps the only one walking the pre-GE12 talk to a certain extent.

Well I do not expect the mainstream media to report accurately on PR achievements but certainly if there was anything exciting we would see it in the alternative net media. Instead we see dissension and squabbles which was earlier attributed to testimony that democracy is thriving in PR. We could accept that earlier but a trend is developing and we look to Saudara Anwar Anak Ibrahim for leadership and answers. It appears Saudara Anwar is better at politicking and not as adept at governing. Yet, what he has allowed to brew over in Sabah about who should head Sabah PKR is not comforting. In hindsight, big bullfrogs from Sabah were supposed to be leaping over to PR on 16th September last year but if Anwar cannot even keep his own Sabah team in line what was he bull crapping about last year at Kelana Stadium?

The "new" Anwar was touted as a visionary but that image too is dimming! He is well adviced to remember the rakyat voted for PR in GE12 because they wanted change for the better and in subsequent by-elections they voted PR because they just did not want BN. Bagan Pinang is the wake up call because the rakyat is fed up that Saudara Anwar Anak Ibrahim does not appear to know how to be a good father.

For now, I will wait for the other anak Ibrahim, Zaid's Common Policy Framework (CPF) which PR will use to drive its long-promised agenda for change and reform. If Zaid can still views Anwar as a viable leader then I suppose we can give the latter a bit more time at least until the CPF. However, if the CPF turns out to be a limp dick because it is too lofty for the political class, then Saudara Anwar Anak Ibrahim may indeed be of more useful to the drive for reform by being in jail; accused of being an asshole bandit. A martyr is always a good rallying focus!

The likes of another anak Ibrahim i.e. Haris are also probably waiting to see if PR will collectively re-endorse Ketuanan Rakyat ideals through the CPF. Judging from his latest blogpost he is obviously already disillusioned.

Personally my ambivalent views on Saudara Anwar Anak Ibrahim remains ambivalent. See:

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